How do U-Box containers for moving and storage differ from other companies, and how does it work?

U-Box offers multiple delivery options to suit your needs.

Self Delivery Self delivery Pick up U-Box at your convenience with a U-Box trailer
Load Unload Load/unload at U-Haul Save time and money by loading/unloading at U-Haul
Moving Help Delivery MovingHelp® Delivery Professional Moving Helpers deliver your U-Box container, fill or empty it, and take it for storage or shipping.
Truck delivery Truck delivery Ground level loading at your location

Once you have the U-Box containers at your residence, load them at your convenience and then either bring the loaded U-Box container back to U-Haul on our customer designed trailer, or call us and we pick them up with our flatbed truck.

What is included in my quote?

  • Cost for delivery to and from your home (trailer rental or truck delivery fee where applicable).
  • Cost for shipping (transportation charges).
  • Cost for storage (monthly fee to store your U-Box containers in our secure facility).

The low cost rate is guaranteed to be the FINAL price. You won't have to worry about unexpected costs like fuel, hotel stays, extra driving time etc. Using U-Box  Units provides the convenience of knowing you can leave your items with us until you're ready.


How do I pay for my U-Box containers?

U-Haul makes payments simple. When you make the reservation, we will collect your credit card information. You will be charged the first month's rent and delivery charge on the morning of the delivery. Every month thereafter, on the same day, we will charge your credit card with the monthly rent.

How can I manage the cost of my U-Box moving and storage container rental?

  • Change your delivery option to a self-delivery where you bring the containers to and from your residence.
  • Load and unload the containers yourself.
  • Ship at a later time; shipping is paid in transit 5 days before the guaranteed arrival date.

How big are U-Box® containers?

Each U-Box container for moving and storage is approximately 5’ x 8’ on the ground and 7.5’ tall. Each container has a large door for easy access and will typically accommodate an average room to a room and a half of household goods and furniture. U-Box containers rest about 6 inches off the ground to insure that your belongings are safe and dry.

How do I know how many U-Box containers I will need?

Simply get a quote from our online reservation system. If you end up getting more than you need, we will be more than happy to pick up the unused U-Box containers and credit you back the full cost. You’ll never be charged for U-Box containers you don’t use.

How much time do I have to load/unload U-Box containers?

Customers are able to load goods into U-Box containers on their own time line, not ours. Keeping the U-Box container on site is an option. Just let us know that you're interested in keeping them and we’ll make arrangements to do so. While the U-Box containers are on your property, they will have a weatherproof cover to keep out moisture and ensure the safety of your goods.

Will U-Haul load the container for me?

U-Haul employees are not able to help load the containers, however, U-Haul has partnered with Moving Help® to provide packing, loading, cleaning and driving services to all of our customers. Be sure to check out available Moving Helpers in your area before you checkout.

Can I store my U-Box containers long term and will I be able to access my U-Box containers while in storage?

You bet you can! We understand that sometimes you put certain belongings into storage that you may need to access from time to time. You can visit our storage facility for free to access your U-Box containers by simply giving us a call 24 hours in advance so that we can place your U-Box containers in a convenient location.

What are the U-Box storage and moving containers made out of?

U-Box storage and moving containers are made exclusively for U-Haul. Each U-Box container is made of pressure treated 3/4" plywood, which provides your belongings with a stable and chemical free environment to store and transport your belongings in. This is especially important for those of you with wood furniture. Our U-Box containers breathe much better than steel containers reducing the chance for mold and mildew. Each container is also covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover when delivered.

Are U-Box containers secure while on my property?

Yes, because each U-Box container door is built with latches that can be tightly closed in three different places. The middle latch has a place for you to put your own lock. Plus, U-Haul employees do not keep the keys or combination to your lock, only you do!

How do I pack my U-Box container(s)?

We recommend watching our quick, informative video on how to properly work with and load your U-Box container before starting. Then, be sure to follow the helpful tips below.

  • All avoid any empty space and stack items to the ceiling of the U-Box container. This will avoid load shift.
  • Secure all rows of furniture and boxes with tie downs and rope.
  • Fill empty spaces with sofa cushions or bagged pillows or U-Haul furniture pads.
  • Place the heaviest items on the floor and distribute weight as evenly as possible. Avoid putting the heaviest items to one side, and put extremely heavy items in the middle of the box.
  • Wrap all un-boxed items in furniture pads securely for padding protection.
  • Load no more than 2,000 lbs into each U-Box container.
  • Stand sofas and mattresses on end and disassemble bed frames to maximize space.
  • Wrap these items in U-Haul furniture pads.
  • Take advantage of tops of dressers to stack boxes and other items.
  • Keep furniture pads in between the dresser top and the items.

Packing Tips & Guidelines

  • Pack your belongings in each box tightly to avoid shifting of contents during transport. Use U-Haul bubble wrap and packing paper in between each item.
  • U-Haul packing boxes are built for stacking to help maximize your storage space.
  • Disassemble furniture to allow for tighter packing, and for easier moving. Wrap all items in U-Haul furniture pads.
  • Pack books in U-Haul book boxes for easier lifting.
  • Label each box to indicate it is fragile. Pack the contents with U-Haul bubble wrap and packing paper.
  • Pack mirrors and pictures in U-Haul mirror boxes and bubble wrap. Wrap these boxes in U-Haul furniture pads.
  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with U-Haul packing tape.
  • Coat fine wood furnishings with wax to prevent against scratches. Wrap these items in U-Haul furniture pads.

How do I keep my belongings from shifting during transit?

U-Haul makes this process easy! Just treat each U-Box container the same way you would a truck. Remember that U-Box containers are only about 6" off of the ground. Make sure you place your heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Fill in as much empty space as you can and make sure to use proper packing supplies. In fact, using furniture pads and using the appropriate boxes are the single most important factors in a successful move and will help your items from shifting during transit.