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Whether you are moving to Hawaii for work or relocating to a warmer climate, U-Box portable moving and storage pods are here to help. Our portable storage units give you the most affordable option of getting your belongings to your new living quarters.

Rent a portable moving and storage pod and we will ship it to Hawaii for you! Once the U-Box moving pod is loaded and dropped off at U-Haul location in your origin city, we will make arrangements for you and have it delivered to your location of choice!

U-Box inter-island moves; fast and convenient

Why choose U-Box?

  • Starting at $575 for inter-island moves
  • Fast Reliable Shipping
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Piece of Mind Shipping to Hawaii
  • Environmentally Friendly

Compare U-Box to all other companies in Hawaii

Most rental locations in Hawaiiyes
Inter-island moves starting at $575yes
Widest hours of operationyes
Most delivery optionsyes
Load/Unload at multiple locationsyes
Home delivery available in Kaua'i, Hawai'i and Moloka'iyes
Ships to mainlandyes
Ships internationallyyes

Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is comprised of a total of eight islands; the largest island being "Hawai'i" (huh-wahy-ee) has just over 4,000 square miles and a population around 190,000 residents.

U-Box moving pods serve the Hawaiian islandsMany view the Hawaiian Islands as a vacation destination hot spot. Very popular for travel with Americans during the winter months, the Hawaiian Islands climate is tropical with an average temperature right around 75 degrees.

Moving to Hawaii should be a fun and exciting journey; move to Hawaii without fear as U-Box moving pods is the best route for moving your belongings with you. U-Box portable moving pods are the most affordable way to move and ship your belongings to Hawaii.

Shipping to Hawaii

U-Box moving pods ship internationally That's right; we ship portable storage units to Hawaii as well. It is the most affordable option for you when moving to Hawaii. Because Hawaii is over 2,000 miles from the nearest US state of California; container ships deliver to six different ports including: Honolulu and Barbers Point, Hilo and Kahului, Molokai and Lanai.

U-Haul has already established credible relationships with our shipping companies and guarantees no hassle moving pod delivery to Hawaii. U-Box pods are setup with pre-negotiated freight ships that get priority shipping to Hawaii. On average, our U-Box moving pods ship to Hawaii within 10-14 days.

Our U-Box portable moving and storage pods are the perfect way to transport your belongings without worry. We work with a good number of shipping and freight barge ships so we can get your U-Box portable moving pod to you, sooner than later.

Other moving pods companies portable storage units do not fit properly on the barge and freight ships, they are too large, bulky, and not environmental friendly. U-Box moving pods are made of pressure treated 3/4" plywood, which provides your belongings with a stable and chemical free environment to store and transport your belongings in. This is especially important for those of you with wood furniture. Our U-Box pods breathe much better than steel containers reducing the chance for mold and mildew. Each pod is also covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover when delivered.

Moving Pod Delivery Options:

Because our U-Box moving pods are portable, we can deliver them just about anywhere you need. If you need the moving pod to be delivered to a U-Haul location, we can do that. If you need the moving pod delivered to your new house in Hawaii,we can deliver the portable moving pod directly to your place of residence. If you are renting a U-Box storage pod for business purposes and do not need the contents inside once you arrive on the island, we will store it for you in one of our secure U-Haul pod storage facilities.

  • self delivery method makes your island move easy Self Delivery – tow your U-Box moving pod rental to the location of your choice and take your time unloading. When you are done with the moving pod rental, simply drive it back to the U-Haul center and drop it off. With self-delivery, you are in control and do everything on your own schedule for a very low cost.
  • Let U-Box deliver your moving pod to your door Trailer delivery to your front door – don't have a vehicle that can tow a trailer? No problem! We can deliver up to two U-Box pods at a time for you to load at your convenience.
  • Deliver to U-Haul location – We can deliver you U-Box moving pod to a local U-Haul location where you can unload your belongings or in some locations, they can store your U-Box for a low monthly fee.

Hawaii for College

U-Box is perfect solution for college students and graduates Did you get accepted into college in Hawaii but don't have a way to get your stuff there? We have developed a perfect and affordable solution for you! School is what you need to be focused on, don't worry about getting your stuff there, we will take care of that. Avoid the struggle and hassle of other moving pods companies, their units don't even fit on the container ships.

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