Jake Spelic Named U-Haul District 14 Area District Vice President

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TORONTO – (Jan. 14, 2013) U-Haul recently announced the promotion of Jake Spelic to District 14 area district vice president (ADVP). Spelic brings more than 18 years of proven leadership skills, U-Haul knowledge and experience to his new position, where he will be responsible for overseeing U-Haul operations throughout eastern Canada.

Spelic began his U-Haul career in May 1994 as a customer service representative (CSR) for U-Haul Center Burlington. In December he was promoted to general manager (GM) of U-Haul Moving and Storage of Barton Street, where he worked for almost a year before transferring as manager to U-Haul Moving and Storage at Upper Wellington. In April 1997, Spelic was promoted to area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of Western Ontario, before transferring to become traffic control manager (TCM) of U-Haul Company of Western Ontario in September 1998. In February 2004, Spelic was promoted to marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of Eastern Ontario, the position he held for more than nine years before his recent promotion. Today, as ADVP, Spelic will oversee all operations of U-Haul District 14.

“Jake brings to the ADVP team a background of service. The attention he pays to improving the delivery of service to our customers is rewarding to watch and see in action,” EVP Frank praised. “His physical and mental energy, seem to be without end, which brings out in his teams a higher level of performance and determination to constantly work at doing better. I look forward to working with Jake and his teams in District 14.”

In assuming his new role as ADVP, Spelic is looking forward to the challenge of launching District 14 toward a new level of success. Spelic understands that eastern Canada is a thriving market with incredible growth potential, and says that potential…along with the opportunity to work one-on-one with his new team…really will give him the ammunition needed to put District 14 on the map. He stresses that the biggest strength in his district are the people, a fact he knows firsthand, from having had the privilege of working with MCPs throughout Canada as a president himself during the last nine years. Not only has Spelic been able to develop relationships with his fellow presidents, he also has gotten to know most of their team members as well. Spelic says District 14 is lucky to have so many long-term team members with their wealth of knowledge and experience in key positions.

“District 14 consists of people who are driven to succeed and who are committed to improving the customers’ moving experience,” Spelic said. “I look forward to working even closer with and helping everyone grow both professionally and personally.”

Spelic has a plan of action in place, and is determined to further expand the marketplace in eastern Canada. He wants to ensure that U-Haul remains the customers’ first choice for moving and storage. In doing so, Spelic will focus on adding additional centers and dealerships, which will help to increase U-Haul presence in communities throughout eastern Canada. Spelic knows that it’s his teams’ job to move people to a better life, and says that his ultimate goal is to give U-Haul customers a world-class experience when using U-Haul. He feels that if his team can do that, customers will reward the Company with future business.

“I have always been a results-oriented person and continually push myself and my team to a higher standard and level of performance,” Spelic affirmed.  “I will continue to push myself and my new team to improve, enhance and exceed the expectations for every U-Haul Team member and customer.”

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