Newest U-Haul SuperGraphic Honors the Province of Québec

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After Having Protected Old Québec for Hundreds of Years, its Fortified Wall Hits the Road on 1,700 U-Haul Moving Vans

Québec CITY (July 26, 2011) — U-Haul International today announces the release of 1,700 new U-Haul moving vans showcasing St. Louis Gate as part of the Fortified Wall surrounding the Upper Town of Old Québec, in Québec City.  This newest SuperGraphic honors the Province of Québec through Québec City as the only city in North America to have kept its entire Fortified Wall. Today, its numerous gates, bastions and ramparts still surround the Upper Town of Old Québec as they continue to be preserved, maintained and improved by Parks Canada and its partners.

 At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 4, 2011, U-Haul will officially unveil its Québec SuperGraphic as its “Venture Across Canada” Campaign visits Old Québec. The event will take place at Esplanade Park, next to St. Louis Gate. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from local dignitaries as well as be able to enjoy the New France Festival and visit Old Québec. The first 1,500 guests visiting the U-Haul exhibit will receive a free U-Haul commemorative

T-shirt representing this SuperGraphic and a booklet about the history of Old Québec's Fortified Wall.

 “We are thrilled to collaborate with Québec City Tourism and Parks Canada in educating all of North America about how this architectural treasure and its legendary past helped shape the future of Québec and Canada,” stated Jean-Claude Honeine, president, U-Haul Company of Québec. “Now Old Québec’s Fortified Wall can be seen everywhere as it ventures across North America.”

 “We are delighted that Québec City, more specifically Old Québec’s fortifications, were chosen to represent the province of Québec. It is truly a symbol, closely associated with our destination’s heritage and cultural sites” said Mr. Gabriel Savard, General Manager of Québec City Tourism.

 Erected by the French and the British to protect Québec City, Old Québec’s Fortified Wall still stands today to reveal how Québec City’s defense system evolved between the beginning of the 17th Century and the middle of the 19th Century, over a period of 250 years. In 1985, Old Québec (including its Fortified Wall) was declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

 Since 1988, U-Haul has been decorating its moving vans with vibrant images showcasing distinctive features of every Canadian province and American state, with the launch of the “Canada’s Moving Adventure” and “America’s Moving Adventure” U-Haul SuperGraphics Campaigns. The newest SuperGraphics are part of our “Venture Across Canada” and “Venture Across America” Campaigns that highlight little-known facts about North America. Nearly 200 different SuperGraphic images have been created since the U-Haul SuperGraphics Program began. To learn more about the history of Old Québec's Fortified Wall and other intriguing facts about North America, visit