U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network Ranks Houston as the No. 1 City for Families Needing Self-Storage

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PHOENIX (April 25, 2014) – For the first time ever, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network is releasing the self-storage rankings for the United States.  The 2013 Self-Storage Rankings Report reflects the top-ranked cities in which families were renting self-storage.  According to the report, Houston took the No. 1 spot, with Austin, Texas, taking the No. 2 rank and Chicago coming in at No. 3.

"The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network continues to support the growing demand for self-storage across North America," stated Sam Celaya, director, U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network.  "Through our partnership with thousands of independently owned self-storage facilities being featured on uhaul.com and emove.com, we are able to offer convenient locations at affordable prices, making the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network the number one choice for millions of families and businesses needing to store their belongings."  

As recently reported by the Dallas Business Journal, Texas was ranked first in overall economic performance and No. 4 in cumulative growth between 2002 and 2012.   This corresponds to the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network's report, as three cities in Texas were within the Top 10 rankings.  Houston and Dallas ranked No. 1 respectively for the U-Haul Top Destination Cities Report and the U-Haul Top Growth Cities Report. 

The report is reflective of data compiled from more than 4,500 U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates seamlessly connected to uhaul.com and emove.com via the WebSelfStorage Business Platform. 

2013 U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Top 10 City Rankings

                          1. Houston, TX

                          2. Austin, TX

                          3. Chicago, IL

                          4. San Antonio, TX

                          5. Tampa, FL

                          6. Jacksonville, FL

                          7. Philadelphia, PA

                          8. Orlando, FL

                          9. Las Vegas, NV

                        10. Denver, CO