Zane Rowland Named President of U-Haul Company of North Texas

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Zane Rowland Named President of U-Haul Company of North Texas


PLANO, Texas – (Jan. 05, 2012) Executive Vice President (EVP) Ron Frank and District 5 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Garner Carey jointly announced today that Zane Rowland has been promoted to  marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of North Texas.

 Rowland began his U-Haul career in May 2009 as a field relief manager (FRM) for U-Haul Company of Central Texas, and held that the position for nearly three years until his recent promotion. Prior to working at U-Haul, Rowland worked for Old Navy/Gap, where he held a variety of management positions for more than 10 years. Rowland also owned his own business. Today, he will oversee all operations of North Texas, including truck, trailer and storage rentals. Rowland's eagerness, ability to learn quickly and proven leadership skills will help drive his team at U-Haul Company of North Texas to success.

 “Zane's unique level of energy matched with his extensive retail background will provide strong support to our hardworking center and dealership teams. Zane understands that our job is to serve customers and to meet their realized and unrealized needs,” declared ADVP Carey. “I look forward to Zane's impact here in U-Haul Company of North Texas.  By implementing U-Haul programs, I am confident he will be successful."

 In assuming his new role as president, Rowland is looking forward to the challenge of leading his team toward the shared goal of success. Rowland says that the team members throughout U-Haul Company of North Texas are young and very energetic, characteristics he believes will help them really “wow” U-Haul customers, and ultimately lead toward the growth of overall profits. He is eager for the opportunity to increase his storage occupancy as well as his U-Box business, and plans do so by focusing on, following, managing and executing company policy and procedure as efficiently and economically possible. While striving to increase overall profits, Rowland also hopes to develop and maintain a successful team attitude throughout U-Haul Company of North Texas.      

“Through training, development and teamwork, U-Haul Company of North Texas will grow stronger in conducting business and in serving our customers, so that we will be able to exceed their expectations,” Rowland explained. “It is important to know that no one person can make the company successful on their own. It is group effort, and teamwork will bring us to the top.”

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