U Car Share Launches at Assumption College - Massachusetts

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WORCESTER, Mass. (April 22, 2010)— U Car Share is expanding its growth as it partners with Assumption College by launching the alternative to vehicle ownership in Worcester, Massachusetts. U Car Share allows members access to cars 24/7, thus eliminating the need to own a car or bring one to campus during the school year. With a unique flexible-rate system, U Car Share members are able to enjoy the benefits of driving without having to worry about over paying for mileage. Members pay only for what they use, in one low hourly rate starting at $4.95 per hour (plus $0.49 per mile). U Car Share takes care of fuel, insurance and maintenance costs. If you drive longer distances, U Car Share offers rates which include 180 miles free starting at $8 per hour, depending on the vehicle.

Anyone 18 years or older with at least two years of driving experience may qualify to become a member and can then access any car in the country on the U Car Share network. U Car Share encourages students at Assumption College to consider using car sharing instead of bringing a car to campus. U Car Share is a convenient alternative that can save thousands of dollars vs. owning a car and having to deal with parking, insurance, fuel and maintenance.

U Car Share vehicles are now positioned for easy access to students, faculty and staff. U Car Share has contracted with Assumption for two car share vehicles, a Honda Insight Hybrid and lowemission Ford Focus. The vehicles are parked at the Plourde Parking Lot.

“We are so excited to add Assumption College to our network of colleges in Massachusetts,” exclaimed Matthew Pepin, president, U-Haul Company of Western Mass. and Vermont.

“Assumption College has really embraced this program; on the first day in operation we had several reservations on the Honda Insight. We will be delivering a second car, a Ford Focus, in just a few days.”

U-Haul has been in the truck-sharing business for more than 61 years. Helping to create greater sustainability through shared-use vehicles is just another way of showing our commitment to our community.

For a limited time, membership is free for all students, faculty and staff (a $25 value). Log on to ucarshare.com today and enter promotion code AMPR when signing up. (This promo code will expire on May 31, 2010.)

“Assumption College is looking forward to its new partnership with U Car Share to help our students and staff find convenient and economical rental transportation right on campus,” stated John Langlois, director of Auxiliary Services, Assumption College. “The students are very excited.”

Students, faculty and staff will be able to access the vehicle with a U Car Share membership card. They will be able to log on to ucarshare.com at any time and reserve any vehicle of their choice on the U Car Share network. Members can reserve cars for as little as an hour at any time of day. Gas and insurance are all included in one low hourly rate starting at $4.95 per hour ($0.49 per mile). Daily and hourly rates with included miles are available as well.

Car sharing meets the needs of any individual who needs a car occasionally, while being sensitive to the surrounding community and environment. Car sharing reduces the demand for parking and results in greater sustainability while enabling individuals to retain their mobility.

Research shows that car sharing is great for the environment. Every shared car on the road can replace up to 15 personally owned vehicles. This means that fewer cars will need to be manufactured, fewer cars will be on the road and the community's carbon footprint will be reduced.

Car sharing is fast becoming a critical element of the transportation network in many cities, enabling residents, students and businesses to get rid of their cars while still meeting their transportation needs.

U Car Share is committed to the community and will work with Assumption College to see that the program is successful. U Car Share is very excited to be in Worcester and looks forward to the growth of car sharing.

U Car Share is also available in: Portland, Maine; Madison, Wis.; Berkeley, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Regis College, Lewis & Clark College, Linfield College and Virginia Tech. More locations will be coming soon.

For more information about U Car Share, log on to ucarshare.com or call 1-877-990-8227.