Are You One In A Million?

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One Million. That's how many U-Haul customers have become Heroes of Go Zero by electing to offset a portion of their move-related emissions at checkout with a contribution to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program.

Since 2007 this amazing support has raised enough money to plant nearly 330,000 trees that will trap an estimated 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 100 years at six wildlife refuges nationwide. In addition to the national forests, these funds have supported urban planting projects furthering community revitalization and green economic development in Detroit and Atlanta, with more cities to come.

The impact of that support continues to grow.   At a glance….


Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge and Grand Cote National Wildlife Refuge





Project Type: Reforestation

U-Haul: Lake Ophelia 25,980 trees = 86 acres

               Grand Cote 27,202 trees = 90 acres


Red River National Wildlife Refuge





Project Type: Reforestation

U-Haul: 137,846 trees = 456 acres


Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge





Project Type: Reforestation

U-Haul: 95,417 trees = 315 acres



Marias des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge






Project Type: Reforestation

 U-Haul: 29,667 trees = 98 acres



Mingo National Wildlife Refuge






 Project Type: Reforestation

 U-Haul: 3,632 trees = 12 acres


Garcia River Forest and Big River and Salmon Creek Forests






Project Type: Forest Protection

U-Haul: Protected 225 acres


Detroit, Michigan

Rouge Park






Project Type: Urban Planting/Revitalization

U-Haul: 1600 trees = 2+ acres

 Atlanta, Georgia

Lindsay Park






Project Type: Urban Planting, Park Creation

U-Haul: Pledge via Go Zero donations over the next  3 years

Reforestation projects in Louisiana, Kansas and Missouri benefit climate, water quality, wildlife habitat and local jobs. Forest protection efforts in California ensure sustainable forestry while protecting and restoring those lands.  Urban planting efforts in cities such as Detroit, Michigan support community revitalization and the protection of natural resources.

“We celebrate and thank the more than one million U-Haul customers who have made a significant and lasting difference on the ground,” said Jena Thompson Meredith, director of The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program. “Every Go Zero tree we’ve planted and each acre of forestland we’ve protected with these donations are gifts to the planet and people everywhere, made possible by more than one million champions of conservation at checkout.  We simply could not have done it without them.”

More than 17,000 U-Haul locations participate in the effort, and every dollar collected by U-Haul goes directly to The Conservation Fund.

 “Since 2007, our partnership with U-Haul has served as a model for corporate social responsibility programs aimed at engaging customers and inspiring employees, and it’s rooted in a continued commitment by U-Haul and its customers to conservation and community,” added Meredith.  “Three cheers to every U-Haul customer and employee who has made a difference. We can’t wait to realize the positive impacts over the next several years.”

To learn more about The Conservation Fund U-Haul partnership, click here.  To donate, click here. 100% of your online contributions will be forwarded to Go Zero.

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