3 Ways to Use U-Haul Moving Supplies for an Eco-Friendly Move

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As we become more aware of the impact of waste on the Earth’s delicate ecosystem, we look for ways to do our part to share the responsibility to our natural resources. Here are a few things that customers can do to further the collective efforts of green living.

Rent Ready-To-Go Box plastic moving crates

Plastic moving crates are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional moving methods. They are stackable, fit easily through doorways and can be returned and rented to fellow city dwellers. Plastic moving crates can be packed and unpacked several times to save money.

Purchase eco-friendly packing supplies from U-Haul

Moving requires many supplies, from packing tape to boxes. Whether purchased online or from a local center, many eco-friendly supplies can be found easily. Combine these products with Ready-To-Go Box for an earth-friendly move.

Enviro-bubble is a green alternative to similar products that do not break down in local landfills. Use Enviro-bubble to wrap fragile items such as dishes and delicate stemware.

U-Haul furniture pads are 100% sustainable and made of recycled denim. Use these pads for larger items such as picture frames and mirrors.

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts fill the empty spaces in boxes to secure items from damage. Made primarily from corn and potato starch and completely biodegradable.

Cushion Sorb recycled packing paper is an alternative to newsprint for wrapping dishes without the risk of ink bleed.

ExpandOS high-performance packing material provides flexibility when packing items of different shapes and sizes. 

Take advantage of the "Take a Box Leave a Box" program

A great alternative to recycling is the “Take a Box Leave a Box” program offered by U-Haul. Many of U-Haul’s dealers, as well as all company stores, offer this option so that customers can drop off their used boxes. A customer may also pick up used boxes should extra boxes be needed during a move. This FREE service is a great way for customers to assist one another in reducing some of the cost associated with relocating while promoting reuse of the product. Reusing valuable resources is always preferable to recycling. Every box reused is one less box in a recycle bin.

These few tips will help keep a lower carbon footprint during the moving process.  Green moving does not need to be difficult. With a little creativity and proper planning, you can reduce your workload and start enjoying your new apartment or home. Are you planning an eco-friendly move soon? Check out Ready-To-Go Box for your rented moving box needs. Read the box sharing and green products article to learn more about U-Haul’s dedication to the sustainability of the planet.

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