How to Choose the Perfect Spare Tire Bike Rack for Your Jeep Wrangler

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Jeep Wranglers have a reputation as rugged, compact and fun vehicles. It comes as no surprise that many Wrangler owners also enjoy the thrill of biking. A variety of cycling enthusiasts, from mountain bikers to long distance cyclers, regularly travel around the country to find the best spot for their next ride. A Jeep Wrangler bike rack is the perfect addition for any outdoor adventurer. 

Some bike racks block users from opening the tailgate and take up valuable space. It can also be frustrating to waste time removing and mounting bikes, or stopping to find out that loose cycles have shifted around and damaged each other or the vehicle. 

This is why many Jeep Wrangler owners choose a bike rack that fits over the spare tire. A spare tire bike rack allows for the tailgate to open, and is secure and durable enough to handle rough terrain and weather. 

The Spare Me™ Pro 2 Bike Rack by Thule® and the Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 are useful and affordable bike rack options that offer a variety of features at competitive prices. 

Here are five key features of spare tire bike racks to help determine if these two models are the right fit for you.

1. Anti-Theft Protection

One of the worst feelings in the world is coming back to your Jeep to find that your beloved bikes have been stolen. The Spare Me™ Pro 2 Bike Rack by Thule® features a One-Key System lock that secures the rack to the mounting plate. An integrated cable lock then secures the bikes to the rack. The Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 Bike Rack also comes with locks to secure the bike.

2. Number of Bike Frames

The Spare Me™ Pro 2 Bike Rack fits two bike frames, and the Sportrack Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 Bike Rack can accommodate three bikes. If you are carrying multiple bikes, the Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 is your best option.

3. Storing Your Bikes

Spend more time riding, and less time unloading and mounting your bikes. Spare tire bike racks with adjustable features can help reduce headaches at the beginning and end of your ride. The Spare Me™ Pro 2 bike rack has dual arms that make mounting and unloading of bikes easy. It can also be folded down when not in use to save space. The Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 is a single bar bike rack that is durable and includes rubber padding to secure bikes.

4. How Easy is the Bike Rack to Install

The Thule model is practical. The carrier mounts to the studs on the rear tire and comes with an adapter plate. This plate is attached with a single knob and is easy to install and remove.

The Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 allows users to mount multiple bikes in a short amount of time. This Jeep mounted bike rack is designed for oversized bikes and includes a limited lifetime warranty. 

5. Preventing Damage to Your Bikes

Keep your cycles looking great by choosing racks that have features designed to stop bikes from bumping against each other while driving. The Spare Me™ Pro 2 Bike Rack has Stay-Put cradles with detachable anti-sway cages, designed to prevent bike-to-bike contact and bike-to-vehicle contact.

The Sportrack Pathway Spare Tire Deluxe 3 Bike Rack includes rotating clamps and a lock to make sure that your bike gets to your next ride, safe and sound.

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