Rent moving boxes and 5 other helpful tips for a zero waste move

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In a busy urban living environment, it can be challenging to locate and transport recycled items to a center at the end of a move. A zero waste move requires some creativity, but it isn’t impossible. U-Haul strives to provide the most eco-friendly relocation options. Here are a few practical tips to get started.

Ready-To-Go Box Plastic Moving Boxes

Ready-To-Go Box Plastic Moving Boxes

Rent plastic moving bins such as U-Haul's Ready-To-Go Box (RTG)

Plastic moving crates are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional moving methods. They are stackable, fit easily through doorways and can be returned and rented to other fellow city dwellers again. Plastic moving crates and be packed and unpacked several times for cost savings. You are being eco-friendly when you rent plastic moving boxes.

Use existing household items for packing material

Use existing household items for packing material. Use clothing, towels, and sheets to wrap and transport things such as precious china or fragile collectibles. Eliminate the need to dispose of packing materials in local landfills by using the items mentioned above. This tip allows for a more condensed move as well as helping to preserve natural resources.

Wrap stemware in clean socks

Clean socks provide protection and convenience for wine glasses or other glassware. This method of wrapping items is also a great space saver. You can also use this for items like flower vases and long objects.

Nest small items into larger items

Wrap items in a pillowcase inside each other for an excellent space saving and protection solution. Nesting items is a great way to make use of plastic boxes for moving, as well preventing breakage of valuable items.

Donate items not needed

Consider replacing items rather than moving them. Many household items are relatively inexpensive to replace but costly to move. Donated items can be written off during tax season. Donating items rather than throwing them away is not only good for the environment but helps others in need.

Have a yard sale

A yard sale provides another option. Save money by downsizing and selling belongings that are not needed. Selling rather than moving will help recoup some of the expenses of a costly move.

It is easy to move with little to no waste. Whether you use plastic bins to avoid cardboard boxes, have a yard sale or donate the items you really don’t need. You can sleep sound knowing that you have done your part by having an eco-friendly move.  Are you planning an eco-friendly move soon? Check out Ready-To-Go Box for your rented moving box needs.


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