U-Haul U-Box® Containers vs. U-Pack® - Mobile Storage

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Portable moving and storage allow people to pack their belongings in a large container and send it to where it needs to go. Many people also use moving containers to store their belongings right where they need it. U-Haul moving containers fit in parking spaces and driveways, making it a convenient option for home renovations. With more than 2400 locations, U-Box® is the most widespread and available option for people.


Both U-Box®  containers and U-Pack® give you the convenience of moving long distance without having to drive a moving truck. U-Box® offers four delivery options. U-Pack® offers three delivery options. Your U-Box® quotes are also all-inclusive, so you won’t have to budget for extra expenses. Your quote includes a month of storage! Find out which moving-container company is best for you by comparing the size of the container, price of services and convenience of delivery below.

How big is a moving container?

U-Pack’s portable storage product is ReloCube®. U-Box® and ReloCube® units each come in one size.

U-Box® internal dimensions:  95" x 56" x 83.5" (LWH) with a weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. You can fit household goods from approximately one and a half rooms in each unit. With its low floor (6") and large opening, the U-Box® container makes loading easy. The size is perfect for organizing a larger move. Ordered too many U-Box® containers? Don’t worry just fill the ones you need, and you will be refunded for the ones you don’t use. This saves you money but also keeps your items safe in transit.

U-Pack ReloCube® internal dimensions: 70” x 82” x 93”(LWH) and can hold up to 2,500 pounds. Each ReloCube® can hold about one room of household goods.

What are moving containers made of? 

U-Box® containers are custom-made from premium, pest-resistant plywood. Breathable wood construction keeps the items in the U-Box® container safe from mold and mildew. Containers sit approximately six inches off the ground to protect against standing water and have composite pads on the feet that keep water from seeping inside. Each container is equipped with a highly durable weather-resistant vinyl cover upon delivery and shipped inside of a semi-truck trailer to provide protection from the elements.  

U-Pack® containers are made of metal.

What are my delivery options with moving containers?

Once your containers are delivered, you can keep them in your driveway. These containers also fit in most parking spaces. They can legally be parked in these spaces since they are attached to a trailer. With the multiple delivery options, U-Box® allows you to choose the delivery option that best fits your needs and budget.

U-Box® delivery options:

  1. Truck Delivery: U-Box® containers will be delivered straight to your door. Just pack them full of your items and when you’re ready, U-Haul will come to pick them up. You can then choose to store or ship your moving container(s) to your destination. The best part: Truck delivery uses forklift equipment to unload your container, making it easy to fit the containers in smaller spaces. One delivery fee covers drop-off and pickup of your containers!

  2. Moving Help® Delivery: With this option, Moving Help will pick up and drop off your container for you! This option is great for people who do not want to tow a trailer but still prefer the self-delivery option.

  3. Self Delivery: Pick up the container at one of 2400+ U-Haul locations and tow it home yourself. This option saves you delivery fees and allows you to pack on your schedule. Keep the U-Box® container as long as you need for only $5 a day. When you’re finished packing it, just tow it back to the U-Haul location for shipment or storage.

  4. Access at U-Haul Location: Looking for the lowest cost option? Bring your items to the nearest U-Haul location and load your U-Box® container there. This option is perfect for people living in a metro area with limited driveway space. This is the most affordable option.

You can also add Moving Help packing and loading services to make your move a breeze. You may add Moving Help services when you make a U-Box reservation or afterward if that is better for you. Expert moving laborers will pack the container for you. No lifting required!

Get a quote online to see what is in your area.

U-Pack® also has a few delivery options to choose from, but typically only delivers Monday thru Friday:

  1. Door-to-Door Delivery: The container is delivered to your driveway or parking lot. After you finish packing, the container is then picked up and shipped to your destination.

  2. Terminal-to-Terminal: Pack and unpack your container at the closest U-Pack® service center.

  3. Hybrid Move: Bring items to the service center yourself on one side of your move, and have your items delivered on the other side.

How much do U-Box Portable Containers cost?

U-Box® prices vary based on how many containers you use and what delivery option you choose. Not sure how many containers you will need? No problem! Order as many as you think you will need and you’ll be refunded the cost of any unused U-Box containers. Your U-Box® quote will include your U-Box containers, 24 furniture pads per container, delivery via your chosen method, all shipping costs and one month of storage at one of 2400 secure storage facilities near you. If you’d like help loading or unloading the U-Box® container, add Moving Help during or after your reservation.

U-Pack® prices include the number of ReloCubes® used, delivery, shipping to your destination and liability coverage. You’ll pay for each packed ReloCube® on the day they are picked up for shipping. Storage at the destination or origin is also available through U-Pack® for an additional monthly fee. 

 What are the storage options with portable containers?

Your U-Box container or ReloCube® can be stored for you at your origin or destination. This allows you to conveniently unpack at your own pace!

U-Haul® allows you to store your U-Box container at your home or in a storage facility nearby. The first 30 days of storage is included in the price. U-Box® container is also the perfect long-term storage solution. For added convenience, you are free to access your U-Box container while it is in storage with 24 hours notice.

U-Pack® will store your Relocubes® at their local service terminal for the long-term or until you are ready for your items to delivered to your new home. You can only access your items in storage once you are ready to unpack your Relocube®. If you need to unload your Relocube® on a weekend, double-check the hours at your service center. Some locations are closed on weekends.

U-Box® containers are the perfect solution for your moving and storage needs. Get a Quote today!