Top 8 Uses for a Tow Hitch

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It’s best practice to get the most out of your investment, and a trailer hitch is no different. A trailer hitch has many uses that extend beyond towing a trailer. All of these are practical, fun and budget friendly. Check out our top 8 uses for a tow hitch and get on your way to getting the most out of your tow hitch!

8. Trailer Hitch Hammock

A cold drink. Your favorite book. A light breeze. It’s hammock time.

Few things are as relaxing as kicking your feet up and taking a load off by sinking into your favorite hammock. Unfortunately finding the perfect spot to pitch your hammock has always been somewhat of a chore. Finding two trees with just the right distance between them takes up valuable time you could be spending in your hammock or with friends and family.

A trailer hitch hammock stand solves this problem perfectly. Now you can set up a hammock almost anywhere in the world. If you can drive there, you can hammock there.

7. Trailer Hitch Step

Gaining access to the bed of your truck has never been easier with a trailer hitch step.

This simple piece of equipment allows you to easily load and unload items into your truck bed and gives an accessible vantage point to get hard to reach items. You can even install a hitch step in the front of your truck to quickly access the engine compartment.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get in and out of your truck bed or get to your engine, then a trailer hitch step is the most trouble- free solution.

6. Superbumper

Protect your family, yourself and your vehicle with a crash tested safety bumper.

A Superbumper is a rugged, durable hitch attachment that is designed to defend against two of the most common types of vehicle accidents: Getting hit while parked and getting hit in a rear-end collision.

A Superbumper will save you time, money and possibly even your life by keeping aggressive or distracted motorists away and protecting your vehicle from two of the most frequent vehicle accidents: Getting hit while parked and a rear end collision. When you’re not towing anything, put your hitch to use with a Superbumper.

5. Winch Mount

For the more adventurous type, a vehicle winch is the ultimate in do-it-yourself off-roading.

Whether you’re out with friends or on your own, a front-mounted hitch winch can help in the most dire of times. You can use it to pull another stuck vehicle free or even use it on yourself by attaching it to an anchor point.

A winch can even be used for heavy-duty yard work as they’re capable of dislodging tree stumps and moving other large, heavy objects. Road to work blocked by a fallen tree? Not a problem with a winch. Just wrap the winch cord around the tree and slowly pull it off the road. Problem solved!

4. Canoe Hitch Racks

Nothing says summer quite like spending the day at the lake. With a canoe or hitch mount you can transport a canoe with practically any vehicle that has a hitch.

Effortlessly secure, transport and dismount your canoe with a hitch mounted racking system and do it with ease! Many of these canoe racks are designed to be loaded with only one person. The loader works with your hitch so you can still use it for towing while having your canoe loaded up.

3. Hitch Cover

Just about the best way to take advantage of an unused hitch is with a hitch receiver cover. There’s a wide variety to choose from and come in a large selection of military, sports and popular culture themes.

Receiver covers are the most affordable way to show off your personality and keep your hitch looking sharp year-round.

2. Cargo Carrier

For the supreme do-it-yourselfer, few things offer the versatility and ruggedness of a cargo carrier.

It is perfect for carrying  a wide variety of items, from camping supplies, firewood to sporting goods Keep your vehicle smelling fresh by placing stinky sportswear in the cargo carrier. These are perfect for the outdoorsy type who wants to avoid cleaning up all the dust and dirt that gets left behind from camping.  

1. Bike Rack

Bike racks come in a variety of sizes and can carry anywhere between 1 and 5 bikes. Having a bike rack hitch simplifies your travel plans by freeing up valuable trunk space. Choose a style that fits your needs. Racks with a tray style allow for an easier loading experience. Those with an extendable arm allow for the rack to move away from the vehicle, allowing access to the trunk even when the bike rack is fully loaded.

No matter if you’re going to Moab, Utah for some intense offroading or just to the park with the family, there’s a bike rack hitch for you.

A trailer hitch  allows you to accomplish more than just  towing a trailer. Whether you’re camping, biking, canoeing or just trying to upgrade your vehicle a bit, there’s something out there for you. Find your missing piece today.

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