Propane Safety for the Holidays

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Once summer has passed and the Halloween candy is long gone. That means that the holiday season is officially upon us.  As plans are made to prepare delicious meals for family and friends in the next few months, please take a few minutes to keep your loved ones safe by identifying possible issues before they arise.

Propane Cooking Safety

Since 2002, there have been more than 170 turkey fryer-related fire, burn, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning incidents, including 672 injuries and $8 million in property damage reported to the consumer product safety commission. The number one propane related issue around the holiday season is deep fryer accidents when preparing a Thanksgiving turkey. To avoid this hazard, keep in mind these following tips when cooking with propane:


  • Turn the flame off when lowering the turkey into the oil
  • Watch small children around stoves, fryers and other hot surfaces
  • Use your deep fryer a safe distance from your home or other structures (never deep fry in a garage)
  • Keep a fire extinguisher next to you at all times


  • Fry a frozen turkey

  • Overfill the pot

  • Wear loose clothing

  • Pour water over oil-related flames

There are many alternatives to traditional deep fryers. Electric fryers provide safe frying without leaving the kitchen, or for a propane option, check out the Charbroil Oil-less Turkey Fryer. This propane-powered turkey-sized oven will cook a turkey up to 16 pounds in a fraction of the time of a traditional oven, with none of the hazards associated with a deep fryer.

Oil-less Fryer


Traditional turkey fryer

Propane Tank Safety

When cooking or heating with propane it’s important to be mindful of how the propane tank is handled and placed around the area. Place both the propane tank and the fryer/heater in a flat area away from flammable materials. Make sure that the hoses connecting to the propane tank and the connecting ports are in sound working condition. The tank should be placed in an upright position (unless your tank has a lay-down style) and as far from the heat source as the hose will allow.

Heating Safety

Turkey frying isn’t the only propane safety concern. Once Thanksgiving passes, and the temperatures begin to drop, propane safety is important while keeping your family warm. If you’re trying to turn up the heat indoors, remember, some propane heaters are not designed for indoor use. If a heater that is not designed for indoor use is used, carbon monoxide poisoning may result due to a build-up of this odorless gas. Heaters such as the Portable Buddy Heater and the BIG Buddy Indoor Safe Propane Heater have been designed to automatically shut off if they are accidentally tipped over, and are designed to sense when oxygen levels are too low for their location. Visit our propane page for a complete list of portable propane heaters and accessories.


When using propane-powered items, building safeguards will ensure your children, pets and the rest of your family and friends will stay safe during the holidays. Outdoor heaters, grills, fryers, and fire pits are often top heavy and have hot lids and handles that could lead to serious injuries. Keeping a careful watch on these dangerous items will keep your little ones and pets safe. Cinderblocks and chairs placed around the perimeter of hot items create quick and easy barriers to keep your loved ones from accidentally roaming into an unsafe area. Never leave propane-powered items unattended.  


Finally,  to keep your family safe during the holidays, make sure to check your smoke alarms and install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. According to the NFPA, approximately 95 percent of US homes have at least one smoke alarm; however, only about 42 percent have a carbon monoxide detector. The threat of odorless carbon monoxide can be detected by a simple alarm that will warn you to get your family to a safe location.

Following these few tips will help keep your family full, safe and warm this holiday season. Stay safe and warm this winter by finding the best propane heater for any indoor or outdoor activitity you find yourself in.

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