When it comes to moving into a new apartment, the earlier you start this process, the easier it will be. Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, we have narrowed down some tips and hacks to help you prepare, pack and move into your new apartment with ease.

Preparing for your new apartment

 Notify your landlord of your move

Most apartment complexes require a notice between 30 and 60 days. Check your lease to find out what your current place requires.

Make a list

Write out your master list of all the items you will need for your move. Whether that be new furniture you are splurging on, packing supplies, or a moving truck. Having a predefined budget is important in helping you determine where your money will be spent on.

Transfer your information

As time-consuming as this can be, you will want to start this process as early as you can. You will need to switch the information on your utilities (or set them up if this is your first apartment), as well as submit a change of address form, which is verified by the postal service. Other information you need to transfer includes forwarding your mail, magazine subscriptions, renters insurance and credit card billing information.

Hire Moving Help (or your friends)

Ask for help early on, from your friends, family and future roommate, or hire professional movers. If you are asking for help from your friends and family, be willing to compensate them, even if it's just providing lunch for the day.

Rent a moving truck

If you do not plan to just use your vehicle to transport your stuff, schedule a rental truck for your move to help you save trips to and from your new apartment. Schedule well in advance so that you can ensure that you get the date(s) that you need.

Clean and repair

Time to take down those hanging photos and pieces of art to patch up the holes.Scrub down the bathrooms, kitchen appliances, and sinks, so that you do not have to worry about these tasks on moving day. Keep in mind there will be certain areas that will have to be cleaned after your place is cleared out.

Measure new apartment

To have a better idea of what will fit and will not fit into your new place, take time to measure out each room. You may find out that your current table is too long to fit in the dimensions of your new dining room, or that you have just the right amount of space to get that new desk you want.

Declutter and Donate

As you start to sort your items for packing, get rid of things that you do not need and use anymore. Set them aside to throw away or to take to a donation center. 

Packing tips

Use the right moving supplies

You will have to pack and move items that are all shapes and sizes, so it is important that you get the proper packing solutions. To save time, you can order moving boxes and other supplies online, and have your moving boxes delivered right to you door step. Here are some recommended moving suppplie for packing common houhold items:

  • For your television

The U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit makes it so you move your flat screen safely and securely. Each box has five handles, so you can lift and move the box easier.

  • For your clothes

Using wardrobe boxes for moving clothes is the best way to get your closet contents from your old place to new your place. Not only will you be able to keep everything on hangers, but U-Haul has a variety of sizes, from small to grand sized clothes, so you can find the right wardrobe boxes for your needs.

  • For books

Using sturdy boxes that can support small, but heavy items, are useful to have for your move.

  • For your electronics

Electronics boxes are designed to move items such as CD players, DVD and Blu-ray players, VCRS, speakers, computers,and electronic accessories.

  • For your pictures and mirrors

Cushioning fragile items such as picture frames and mirrors before putting into a box is important. No matter how big your piece of art or mirror is, you can find the box size compatible.

  • For your dishes

Dishes, glassware and other fragile items can be tough to move and store without using proper protection. Isolating each item with a dish-saver kit will keep them from knocking into each other, and will make sure they are properly stored upright.

  • For your sporting equipment

Do you have lengthy items such as golf clubs or tents that need moved? Using a sports utility box to carry those tricky items to your new apartment will save you time and effort.

  • Don’t forget the supplies

There are some small, but essential supplies you will need to be sure that you have when you pack. Box tape, plastic wrap and furniture pads are just a few items that will make your move easier. Knock off all of your supplies needs in one place; order moving boxes and other supplies online and pick them up in store.

 U-Haul moving boxes are built to last over 10 years, meaning they can be reused for move after move.Taking advantage of the variety of sizes and types of moving boxes for sale online or in store will allow you to use every inch of space you need in your car and moving truck.

Purchasing brand new moving boxes isn't the only way to acquire boxes, however. There are several ways to find moving boxes for sale either at a lower price, or even free. Check out these four ways to get free moving boxes or save on new boxes

Rent Moving Boxes

When you are packing up your belongings, there are advantages to also renting plastic moving boxes. U-Haul’s Ready-To-Go Boxes are an environmentally friendly way to move your items. If you are having to make your apartment move in bad weather, using plastic boxes will give your items an extra layer of protection with its water-resistant coating. They will help you utilize your moving truck to its maximum storage capability when you stack them on top of each other. You can rent these for as long as you need, and can return them when you are all unpacked and settled in.

Label your boxes

When you get to your new home, you do not want to have to spend extra time guessing what is in each box. Placing moving labels on your cardboard boxes will help you easily determine what is in each box when you unpack.

Start with non-essentials and end with most important items

Start packing up unnecessary items at least three weeks prior to moving out, and start small. This will make the process of packing up a lot easier. Some non-essentials could include out-of-season clothes, decorations, and tools. Right before your moving day approaches, pack a box of everything that you will need that first night in your new apartment, such as sheets, some clothes, dinnerware and your phone charger.

Start packing up unnecessary items at least three weeks prior to moving out, and start small. This will make the process of packing up a lot easier. Some non-essentials could include out-of-season clothes, decorations, and tools. Right before your moving day approaches, pack a box of everything that you will need that first night in your new apartment, such as sheets, some clothes, dinnerware and your phone charger.

Moving Day: Old Apartment

Finish any last minute cleaning tasks

Most places require a final walk-through with the landlord. As you finish loading out your boxes, be sure to look around for any trash to be taken out or anything else needing cleaned, so that you can have a successful walk-through and get your deposit back.

Do a final sweep of the old apartment

Before officially leaving, finish all the remaining tasks. First, check all of the closets, cabinets, drawers and bathrooms for anything that may have been forgotten. Next, turn off the thermostat and all the lights. The final thing to do is hand off the keys to your old place.

Moving Day: New Apartment

Do an initial walk-through with the landlord

Walk through your new place with the landlord, before any box is brought in. Here, you will want to take photos and detailed notes. This documentation becomes important when you are getting your security deposit back. If you have extra time, do a light sweeping and mopping of the floors before unpacking your furniture.

Unload and unpack

If you rented a moving truck, remember to clean and refuel it after the boxes are unloaded,  and get it returned by your drop-off date. Unpack the most important things first, such as stuff for making your bed, kitchen utensils and toiletries. Then, you can work your way through the rest of your boxes.

Plan a housewarming party

Breathe. You did it. Don’t forget to celebrate your exciting accomplishment with all your loved ones. Invite them over and show off your new home.

Moving into an apartment doesn’t get any easier, but it does not have to be a stressful time. With some planning, organization, and moving resources, these tips and tricks will make your move a breeze.

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