The short answer: Collegeboxes – the moving boxes specially designed to help facilitate college student storage and moving – are plenty durable. Year after year, college students worldwide depend on Collegeboxes when it comes to packing, shipping and storing their dorm room essentials until they return to school the following semester. It’s this reason Collegeboxes are made with durability in mind.

How Collegeboxes works

If you’re unfamiliar with how Collegeboxes works, the process is simple. You pack your belongings in the cardboard boxes we provide, we pick them up from your campus and transport them to a climate-controlled storage facility to be stored until you return to campus. When you move back to school, we will deliver your belongings to your new dorm room. It’s college storage made simple.

Why durability matters for students

Our boxes are built to withstand the wear and tear that can occur throughout the shipping and storage process. This keeps the box in good condition for longer while minimizing potential damage to your items. Durable boxes also give students the opportunity to reuse the same boxes the following school year. In fact, it’s not unheard of that students use the same boxes all four years they’re in college!

What makes Collegeboxes durable?

The durability of Collegeboxes comes from their design. Each Collegeboxes box utilizes double wall construction, allowing it to maintain its structural integrity longer and more effectively than a standard cardboard box. Here’s more information about the two design styles and how they compare:

Double wall

Boxes that have a double wall design are more suitable for storing heavy items, like textbooks, electronics and other typical dorm room findings. As the name suggests, these boxes have two layers of fluting, effectively offering two-times the carrying capacity than a single wall box. Double wall boxes are often recommended for long-term storage and shipping heavy items.

Single wall

Because single-walled boxes have only one layer of fluting, they are better suited for hauling items on the lighter side, as well as shorter-term storage projects. Since single wall boxes are often less expensive, you may find it’s cost-effective to use a few single-walled boxes in conjunction with the double-walled Collegeboxes that come with your supply kit.

Collegeboxes services

Students can choose one of the following storage and shipping services:

  • Summer storage and shipping – Your belongings are picked up from your school and stored for the summer and/or shipped home.
  • Study abroad storage and shipping – Have items picked up from school prior to study abroad program to be stored while you’re away and (or) shipped home, or anywhere worldwide.
  • Ship-to-school – Ship boxes and luggage from home prior to moving back to school. We receive and temporarily store your belongings to be delivered when you arrive.
  • Direct shipping – Schedule to have boxes and luggage shipped directly from one address to another, year-round and worldwide.

No matter which service suits your needs, the durable cardboard boxes provided by Collegeboxes are available to you. Many students find the Collegeboxes Supply Kit has everything they need to pack a standard dorm room. It comes with five double-walled cardboard boxes (24”x18”x16” or four cubic feet) as well as one marker, one roll of tape, 10 label pouches and five zip ties.

If you’re a college student or a parent of a college student and are interested in learning more about Collegeboxes, visit the Collegeboxes website today.

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