Why Do Universities Like Collegeboxes to Provide Service on their Campus?

A U-Haul truck containing several stacked Collegeboxes boxes and a bicycle.

You may be aware of how Collegeboxes works and how it benefits students and parents; college students looking for summer storage or shipping can look to Collegeboxes for at-your-door delivery or pick up services. It’s college dorm storage and student shipping made easy.

But what about the universities? It’s fair to wonder what universities get out of working with Collegeboxes, and why they prefer Collegeboxes to provide service on their campus. The answer is simple – through a coordinated effort, Collegeboxes helps universities by streamlining the student-move and move-out process.

If you’re curious whether having Collegeboxes to provide service on your campus is the right move, examine these five reasons why hundreds of universities already do so with no regrets.

1. Early delivery reduces campus congestion

A selling point for many universities is Collegeboxes’ early delivery, which can have dorm room belongings delivered up to a week before move-in day. Typically, long lines for the elevator and crowded hallways are an unwelcomed but expected part of move-in day. Getting dorm room goods delivered days before students arrive is a big plus, as it drastically reduces campus and dormitory congestion.

2. Students focus on things that matter

The last thing students can afford to worry about during finals week is getting their dorm room belongings from point A to point B, or what they’re going to do with their dorm room essentials over the summer. Since Collegeboxes takes care of the tedious shipping and storage process, students and their families can put their focus on final exams, extracurricular activities and all the other important end-of-the-semester tasks that lie ahead, which ultimately reflects well on the university.

3. Campus moves become easier for college staff

Move-in day is tough on students and parents, that much is a given. But resident assistants (RA) and campus mailroom employees aren’t immune to move-in day stresses either. After all, getting hundreds to thousands of college students and their stuff moved into their dorm rooms in a single day has its challenges.

With students’ belongings arriving on campus prior to move-in day via Collegeboxes, the jobs of the RAs and other staff members becomes quite a bit easier. Students have less to worry about and less questions which ultimately resonates well with campus staff and allows them to do their jobs more effectively.

4. Reduce student stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of life for everyone. But when it comes to college students, excessive feelings of stress can be detrimental to their education and overall college experience. Studies have shown that stress can eventually cause physical and psychological issues, which can then lead to missed days in the classroom and a hindered education. As a university official, it pays to have a student body that’s more engaged and physically and mentally healthy. Allowing Collegeboxes to manage campus moves is just one way of working toward that outcome.

5. Keep students and families happy

One of the primary goals most universities share is to keep students and families happy and allow them to trust that their money is well spent. There are many ways to go about this, but having a solution available that allows students and families to quite simply “do less” is a great place to start. Beyond saving time and energy during campus moves, families also save money by avoiding the need for moving truck or van rentals and purchasing moving supplies and instead using Collegeboxes.

Interested in learning more about Collegeboxes and how the program could help the students at your university? Visit the Collegeboxes website today!

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