Installing a hitch on the 2018 Ford Escape is as easy as it gets. You will only need a few tools, a Draw-Tite 75758, and a short amount of time before you are on your way.

Tools Needed:

  • Torque Wrench
  • Safety Glasses
  • 11/16 Socket
  • Air Saw

2018 Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Installation Steps

1. Find access holes for the hitch frame

The hitch is supposed to mount to the outside of the frame. Right now, we are looking at the driver side frame. Also, the passenger side of the frame will be identical to the other side.

We will not have to drop the exhaust with this hitch it does not get in the way.

2. Line the two holes properly

To make a small notch in the access hole, we will need to use an air saw. Repeat the process on the passenger side.

3. Send fish wire through attachment hole

Take the fish wire through the attachment hole and work our way over to the access hole.

Once we have the fish wire through the access hole, we can take our carriage bolt and carriage plate, put the two together. Then, screw it on to the end of the bolt lead and push them into the frame.

The bolts and plates should come right through the access hole on the other side. Leave a fish wire on there for now until we get all of our bolts through. We will do the exact same process on the remaining three bolts.

Fish the wire through to the attachment point. Put it through the hitch first and then you get our access hole here and reach our finger and just kind of guide the bolt all the way through.

4. Attach conical tooth washer and nut

Next, take the fish wire and bolt leads off and put our conical tooth washer and nut. You want the teeth of the conical tooth washer contacting the hitch.

We’ll put that one first and be careful to not push the hardware into the frame. Put some pressure on that washer so the nut does not fall through. Repeat the process on the remaining three bolts.

5. Torque the bolts down

Get your torque wrench ready and get it set at 50 foot-pounds. Use a short 11/16ths socket for the driver’s side. The most forward bolt is pretty close to the fender wall but it moves out of the way pretty easily.

Bend the fender out of the way and place the socket over the nut. Tuck the wrench down until you hear it click to let us know we are at the proper torque.

On the passenger side, torque the most rear bolt next to the filler tube because it will be the trickiest. Then, get your torque wrench set in there with a long 11/16th socket and wedge it over the socket so I can torque it down.

You might not be able to get the torque completely on but you can get enough of a bite to get a proper torque.

Ford Escape hitch measurements

  • 2-inch receiver opening
  • Large safety chain loops
  • Stylish cross tube design that sits underneath the bumper and two exhaust outlets

2018 Ford Escape Towing Capacity

  • 350 Pound Tongue Weight
  • 3500 Pound Towing

Ford Escape Weight Distribution Towing Capacity

  • 500 Pound Tongue Weight
  • 5000 Pound Towing

You should now have your trailer hitch installed on your 2018 Ford Escape.

Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a trailer hitch that will fit your needs. Don’t have enough time to do the installation yourself? Schedule a professional trailer hitch installation and we will do the work.

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