What Fits In a 10' x 10' Storage Unit?

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Play the video above to see what fits inside a 10’ x 10’ storage unit.

How big is a 10’ x 10’ storage unit?

The 10’ x 10’ storage unit is roughly half the size of a standard one-car garage. This size is often the most commonly available at an indoor facility, capable of storing up to three rooms of items, or two full bedrooms.


  • 100 sq. ft.
  • 800 cu. ft.

Items commonly stored in a 10’ x 10’ storage unit

  • King-sized mattress set
  • Two couches or sectional living room set
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Major appliances (washer/dryer, refrigerator)
  • Entertainment center and flat-screen TV
  • Boxed items (clothing, sentimental, etc.)

Typical uses for 10’ x 10’ storage unit

  • Moving items out of a room during a remodel
  • Clearing extra space in the garage
  • Storing an apartment or small home during short-term move

What vehicle should I use to transport my belongings to storage?

  • 15 ft. Moving Truck

Does a 10’ x 10’ storage unit sound like the perfect fit? If so, you can easily find a self-storage facility in your area today, or view our helpful self-storage size guide to view other sizes that are available.

**Measurements are based on an 8 ft. standard ceiling height. All sizes are approximate.

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