What Fits In a 5' x 15' Storage Unit?

Watch the video above to see what fits inside a 5’ x 15’ storage unit.

How big is a 5’ x 15’ storage unit?

A 5’ x 15’ storage unit is roughly the same size as an extended or large walk-in closet. This narrow storage space is ideal for storing the contents of a one-bedroom or studio apartment.


  • 75 sq. ft.
  • 600 cu. ft.

Items commonly stored in a 5’ x 15’ storage unit

  • Queen-Sized mattress set
  • Dresser and nightstands
  • TV stand and flat-screen TV
  • Loveseat and chairs
  • Bicycle and other sporting equipment
  • Extra appliance (washer, dryer or refrigerator)
  • Boxed clothing and household items

Popular uses for a 5’ x 15’ storage unit

  • Moving to/from apartments
  • Housing belongings mid-renovation
  • Storing extra inventory and office supplies

What vehicle should I use to bring my belongings to storage?

  • 15 ft. moving truck

Does a 5’ x 15’ storage unit seem like the right choice for your belongings? If so, you can find a self-storage facility near you. Or you can review our self-storage size guide to see what other sizes are available.

**Measurements are based on an 8 ft. standard ceiling height. All sizes are approximate.

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