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January 29, 2021



Graduating from High School is one of the most significant moments in a teenager's life; from that moment on, they know they are on the precipice of transitioning into higher education but becoming more of an adult than ever. Unfortunately, the transition into college or a university can be challenging, even for the most well-prepared students. Preparing to move all of your valuables and belongings are so keen to ensure that you have everything you need to start a successful year at your new school.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry because Collegeboxes is the leader in shipping, storage, and moving supplies for college students in the United States. So if you're worried about getting all of your necessities and items to your college safely and efficiently, Collegeboxes has all the services you need to get the job done correctly. Since our humble beginnings at Duke University in 1999, Collegeboxes has always strived to be your one-stop service for all your college moving, shipping, and storage solutions. One of the reasons we are so successful is the U-Haul network of shipping, logistics, and moving supplies to aid every college student.

Throughout this article, we will inform you why working with Collegeboxes will ease your mind regarding the logistical challenges students face while attending a college or university!

Adding Peace of Mind To Your College Experience!

Each student transitioning from High School to College will experience hardships or challenges when getting to their dorm or living quarters at their school of choice. Ensuring the proper balance of getting ready and packing everything for your local college or university, whether in the state or clear across the country, can be nerve-racking.

Leading up to this, you are probably researching ways to logistically get your belongings and personal items to your school with ease. Luckily, for over a decade, Collegeboxes has been powered and operated by U-Haul, which gives us a unique ability to have confidence that all your belongings will be taken care of properly and care for the short or longterm.

Whether or not you're in the middle of a semester preparing for midterm exams, working, involved in school activities, or transitioning into a new living space, it can be a logistical headache to coordinate how to accomplish your tasks and priorities during any of these events. Fortunately, Collegeboxes is the solution to help you aid in taking care of this headache with a sample pack and ship solution to anywhere you need around campus or shipping back to your home far or near. We will ensure that each of our students and customers is completely reassured for whatever comes your way.

How Does Collegeboxes Work?

Getting your items to your college or university on time can be a challenging experience and can cause you headaches during your transition from graduating high school. Taking away stress during these challenging times can be hard, but that is why Collegeboxes has figured out a strategic way to get the tension to fade away during your move to your college or university. We accomplish this by implementing various services and processes to ensure maximum efficiency; whether you're headed to a college across town or a university clear across the country, we've got you covered.


Finding a solution to keep your belongings safe and secure can be a challenge for any college student. No need to fear Collegeboxes has the perfect solution to help you keep your items in one piece and safe. Our storage services provide an ideal solution if you plan to go home during the long summer break or even if you're planning to travel abroad. Collegboxes will pick up your items from your college dorm room, store them, and return them on time before you start your semester. All of our storage facilities are adequately maintained, secure, and climate-controlled for even the most delicate of possessions.


At Collegeboxes, aiding students with convenience is our middle name. Our shipping solutions allow the versatility to meet any student's demands throughout our 250 colleges & universities affiliated and work within. Collegboxes shipping is flexible and affordable for any student who needs to ship belongings to the home, storage, or back for the upcoming semester.

Students can ship their boxes and have them stored at one of our U-Haul storage facilities near your local school. We do this to help alleviate the stress of college students and the campus mailroom. Once you are ready to move to your college or university campus, Collegeboxes will deliver directly to the student's room on a scheduled date, making for a simplistic and easy transition!

One of the great things about our shipping processes and versatility is that if you're near a Collegboxes affiliated U-Haul center, we can take your Collegeboxes from you and ship wherever they need to go.

Moving Supplies:

When you order your Collegeboxes kit, we provide all the solutions and moving supplies to meet your needs. Upon receiving your order, we will give you our supply kit, including:

  • Five double-walled boxes designed for shipping, moving, and storage, which we estimate can last all four years of college.
  • Zip ties for labeling bicycles, lamps, and other items that don't fit into the provided boxes.
  • Label Pouches, Box Tape, and Box Marker

All of these items will give you, the consumer, the ability to have the most simplistic experience when you're about to transition into college. Being a division within the U-Haul ecosystem, Collegboxes can offer resources that our competition can't provide to you. It also includes access to local U-Haul storage facilities, moving supplies, and professional movers, which will help get your college career started and move forward.

Our process is easy and straightforward for students to ship, store, and move belongings in and out of your school as possible! Below you will see our five easy steps to why Collegeboxes provides such an unbeatable service for whatever college and life throw your way; these are:

  1. Sign Up Online:
    • Order your Collegeboxes
    • Select pickup time
  2. Boxes Shipped
    • Right to your front door
  3. Pack & Label
    • Pack all your items & belongings
  4. Free Pickup:
    • We come right to your door
  5. Store & Ship:
    • Domestic & International shipping
  6. Free Delivery 


Why Choose Collegboxes?

There are many carriers that you could choose to ship your valuables and necessities to your school, whether it would be mainstream logistical companies or the competition. Collegboxes is different because we ensure that the process is merely packing it and letting our team take it from start to finish. In contrast, you have many of our competitors worried about the bottom line vs. the actual customer service and easing the burden off the student. Our primary concern is to give you the best products, service, and reliability to ensure maximum success in your college transition and journey.

No matter if you move to and from your college and university, you're going to have a lot of logistical and planning challenges along the way to get you from start to finish. College is one of the most exciting times in a young person's life. Still, it can also be one of the most challenging, so that is precisely why we here at Collegeboxes were focused on more than just the business, where we make sure that our consumer and student is the number one priority above all.

To start your Collegeboxes journey and learn, even more, please be sure to visit us directly at!

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