Kevin Cassar

February 23, 2021

Collegeboxes Now Offered At BYU


Throughout many students' lives, they will experience the need for the best services to ensure the smoothest transition possible in their collegiate career. Within the structure of Collegboxes, we are always looking to help all students' at multiple universities throughout the United States. That being said, we are proud to announce that Collegeboxes services are headed to Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah! This means all incoming and current students will benefit from the service that has revolutionized how students move to and from school. We want to ensure that every university or college we provide services will receive the best and brightest of what we here at Collegeboxes have to offer diverse students from Freshman to Seniors. Suppose you're moving to BYU for your first year, in between your collegiate career, or are about to graduate. In that case, Collegeboxes has all the proper services to fulfill your needs while attending college.

Like all the colleges and universities that Collegeboxes serves around the nation, we are committed to bringing the same excellent services such as Storage, Shipping, and Moving solutions to Brigham Young University for whatever the students need. Throughout this article, Collegeboxes will give BYU students, parents, and faculty members all the details and reasons why; Collegeboxes will add so much value, functionality, and versatility to every student's collegiate career!

Value To Brigham Young University Students

Adding Value To BYU Students

Students will need many tools to navigate through tough challenges throughout their collegiate careers. BYU students are no different from these occurrences, from when they graduate high school and head into their first semester at Brigham Young University. Transitioning from high school to BYU can be one of the most challenging times in a young person's life. There is so much to worry about when you're moving from home to your college dorm or living quarters; the best way to figure it out is by working with individuals and a system that handles even the most challenging moves and transitions.

With all of Brigham Young University's accolades, it is no wonder why students carry such a heavy course load during their collegiate careers. Students grow not only in their field of study but spiritually as well. With that, it’s nice to know that if a student receives their mission call while at BYU, they can use Collegeboxes to have their belongings picked up and shipped home or stored locally until they arrive back in Provo. One of the great things about this is that they can have zero to little worry that all of their items will be secured in a safe U-Haul Storage Center while focusing on their mission.

How Does Collegeboxes Work?

Collegeboxes Flexibility & Versatility

Unlike the competition, Collegeboxes was among the first to offer students solutions for one of life's most challenging adjustments and transitions. When new BYU students are admitted into the university, one of the most challenging aspects they might ask themselves is how I will get past all of the logistical challenges of moving my belongings? Well, that answer is simple with Collegeboxes; our system is uniquely designed to take away all the stress of moving into your dorm or living quarters efficiently and on time. Right after you graduate from high school and even prior, you're getting all your personal effects to either ship them or haul them with you on your journey to Provo, Utah, to the beautiful campus of Brigham Young University.

The great thing about Collegeboxes is giving flexibility to all of the incredible students at Brigham Young University. No matter if you're planning to study abroad in another country in Europe, wanting to head home for the summer, or headed out on a break from school, we have you covered. With the ability to have everything you need under one roof, it takes the worrying and stresses away from focusing on what is most important during your time at BYU. With our easy five-step process:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Boxes Shipped Directly To You
  3. Pack & Label
  4. We Pick Up
  5. Then We Store & Ship Your Items

Your stress levels will fade away with Collegeboxes handling all of the logistical challenges or any shipping problems you may need down the line. That way, when you come back from your journey away from BYU, you will have all your belongings ready to go for your next semester or wherever your collegiate career takes you at BYU.

Collegeboxes and BYU

How Collegeboxes Helps Your BYU Experience

Throughout the moving and transition process of getting yourself to BYU for the first time, returning for a semester, or finally graduating, you're going to need someone to be there to help with the logistical challenges of moving out of your dorm room or living quarters. Collegeboxes is on a mission to help BYU students enjoy their college experience instead of worrying about the little details when moving to college or any place in between.

We are very proud to serve the incredible faculty, staff, and students that make Brigham Young University what it is today. Giving options to one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding chapters in a young person's life is why we do what we do here at Collegboxes. No matter what your needs are from shipping, storage, and moving supplies, Collegeboxes has the experience, knowledge, and services to make your experience at BYU smoother and more incredible than you anticipated. To learn more about what Collegeboxes has to offer, go directly to or contact us directly either by phone at 1-866-269-4887 and email

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