Kevin Cassar

March 19, 2021

Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association


Among higher education, Oklahoma State University is one of the top-tier universities around the southwest region of the United States. Every year, Oklahoma State works tirelessly to help students relieve stress and have a better transition period to Stillwater, Oklahoma. It can be a difficult time for any student transitioning from high school to college, whether you're coming into your first year at OSU as a freshman or anywhere in between. During an individual's transition period, figuring out what you need to accomplish to get all of your belongings in or out of your dorm room at one of Oklahoma States' many residence halls can be daunting even for the most experienced do-it-yourself movers.

One of the most significant constraints to Oklahoma State and any university is the logistical challenges they face during the beginning of a school year for new students. It refers to the number of packages a University like Oklahoma State will receive in its mailroom and parcel center, then distributing it to all the proper residence halls. This can bottleneck the flow of delivery for new students coming into OSU, leading to unnecessary stress. While at the same time, the latest Oklahoma State student is wondering how they're going to get all of their personal belongings directly to their new residence hall. Good news, Collegeboxes has helped with this shipping, storing, and moving challenges for more than two decades to solve both problems. Whether you're a new student or the Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association, we are here to make a difference for students and add value to the already excellent reputation of Oklahoma State University.

Collegeboxes provides more services to more than 300 schools nationwide, so we know what it is going to take to bring the very best moving, shipping, and storage services to Oklahoma State. With all of our experience, we saw great value in Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association desire to simplify storage and shipping for OSU students, resulting in an unprecedented partnership to improve OSU students' and faculty lives all across the Stillwater campus. From this, it is clear you can see how much Oklahoma State takes pride in every student that walks through their residence halls and campus to ensure the best possible collegiate experience.

As a new or current student at OSU, it can be challenging to figure out when and how you're going to get all of your belongings either to school, at home, or need to store them over the summer. With Oklahoma State working with Collegeboxes, those worries can be gone for good. Throughout this article, Collegeboxes will give you an in-depth overview of how Oklahoma States' partnership with Collegeboxes will enhance every student's living experience on campus.

Oklahoma State & Collegeboxes

How Collegeboxes Helps Oklahoma State Students

One thing is for sure, the Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association is out to set a standard among its competition in the higher learning marketplace to ensure value to all of its students. Over the last twenty years, Collegeboxes has sought to improve both university students' lives and the faculty they operate. From our experience working with many colleges and universities, we continually strive to add value and tools for their students, no matter where they are in their collegiate careers. Oklahoma State University saw all the resources, services, and value Collegeboxes could add for their students, as did Collegeboxes.

Working directly with the Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association, Collegeboxes realizes how much OSU pushes to help their students have a more efficient and more accessible experience in transitioning into college. Oklahoma State University reassured its students they genuinely care to relieve the stress of moving and logistics by bringing Collegeboxes aboard as a partner. No matter where their students are at, whether it is their first year or last year, this partnership will benefit all parties involved for the long haul.

Oklahoma State University Residency

Creating Peace Of Mind

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to campus or a Senior at Oklahoma State; making sure you have the proper tools and services to ensure you get your belongings to and from OSU smoothly throughout your collegiate career is paramount. With Oklahoma State University bringing on Collegeboxes as the official shipping, moving, and storage provider for their Residence Hall Association, students can spend more time focusing on what truly matters in academics and having a great time during their collegiate career.

Collegeboxes enables both the Oklahoma State RHA (Residence Hall Association) and its students to have confidence that all needs will be met, no matter if they're brand new, current, or planning to study abroad throughout their collegiate tenure. One of the main focuses that any student is focused on while transitioning to life on campus at Oklahoma State is getting acquainted with their new surroundings and day-to-day lives around campus. During the High School to College transition, young students are more worried about what they have to accomplish to be ready for the academic year rather than the logistical challenges of moving to Stillwater.

Furthermore, Oklahoma State University takes it personally to give all their student body the tools and the resources to succeed during their time in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Collegeboxes is glad that OSU students will have peace of mind every time they need shipping, moving, or storage for their belongings. Whether it's going home for the summer, studying abroad in Europe, or needing to ship things back home after graduation.

Collegeboxes & Oklahoma State

How Collegeboxes Makes Oklahoma State Better?

Among the many universities in the southwest, Oklahoma State University is one of the most prestigious Big 12 conference schools known around the United States. Oklahoma States' partnership with Collegeboxes allows students to receive the same exceptional services in shipping, moving, and storage that other competitive schools receive. Due to this, we believe that Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association has improved the way their student body stores, ships, and moves forever. Giving an upper hand to OSU is why Collegeboxes is so proud to have such a great partner in Oklahoma State University to provide the best logistical solutions possible. From arriving on campus as a Freshman to graduating as a Senior, Collegeboxes will endure the test of time for years to come in conjunction with OSU Residence Hall Association.

Collegboxes has over twenty years of experience in collegiate shipping, moving, and storage. No matter what your needs are, we have you covered during your time in Stillwater, Oklahoma. If you would like to learn more about how Oklahoma States' partnership with Collegeboxes is benefitting their student body, reach out to one of the many faculty members in the Oklahoma State Residence Hall Association or contact Collegeboxes directly for all the latest information at!

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