Moving day can be stressful and exhausting. Even the smallest moving tip can be the biggest help. Make moving day much easier with these moving hacks.

  • Stopping the lock – Keep a door open by wrapping a rubber band around each side of the door handle, covering the lock to keep it pushed in.
  • Protecting the carpet – Tape cardboard over carpet and stairs to protect them while moving heavy items
  • Carrying a mattress – Lay a sheet on the floor and place a mattress on top of it, on its side. Lift by the corners of the sheet, as if they were straps.
  • Securing items on a dolly – Strap a bungee cord around the items and the dolly to secure them in place.
  • Moving heavy items – Place heavy items on furniture pads to easily slide them across hard surfaces.
  • Protecting your washing machine – Place pillows or blankets inside your washing machine to stabilize the agitator and minimize the risk of damage. 
  • Absorbing freezer moisture – Put a clean maxi pad or diaper inside your freezer to absorb the moisture.

Try these hacks yourself or schedule moving helpers to do the  heavy lifting for you. Here are some tips to follow when hiring moving labor.

  • Customer reviews - Rest assured you are booking the correct moving labor for your moving needs by reading customer reviews. Reading customer reviews are a great way to understand the service you will be getting.
  • Services provided - Moving help can do more than just the rental truck loading and unloading. Many professional movers also help with packing and cleaning needs.
  • Timing - Moving helpers are available when you need them. If you were to ask a friend or family member to help you move you have to work around their schedule. With moving help you schedule if movers should arrive in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
  • Price - When searching for moving help, price can be a factor. If you are comparing prices also compare customer reviews to ensure you are getting the best service and value for your money.
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