How to Pack Paintings, Mirrors, & Wall Art for Moving

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The Mirror / Picture Box is the ideal solution for protecting your valuable artwork, large picture frames and mirrors.

When not properly stowed, mirrors, picture frames and other wall art can be bumped into, scratched, or otherwise damaged. Using the mirror / picture box can help you pack correctly to protect your valuables.

The mirror / picture box can be used to hold one or more frames at a time depending on their size.. You can also add some protective supplies like the Picture Packer Kit for more protection.

Benefits of using a Mirror / Picture Box:

  • If you have a very large mirror or picture frame to move, you can purchase two Mirror / Picture boxes and telescope the two boxes together.
  • Provides extra protection against wear and tear that may occur during a move or storage.
  • Use the box along with the Picture Packer Kit to provide a snug, secure fit for your mirrors and frames. This will prevent the frame from shifting inside the box.
  • The Mirror / Picture box meets shipping requirements so just use extra protective supplies to pack tightly before shipping.

Directions on how to telescope two Mirror / Picture Boxes together:

  1. Begin at the top end of the first box by folding the small flaps in, then fold one large flap on top of the other and tape.
  2. Move on to the second box and press along the dotted lines on the left and right sides until there is an indent or break in the cardboard. Without cutting the flap lock tabs on the bottom end of the first box, and by squeezing the second box sides so they intent, slide the second box into the open (bottom) end of the first box.
  3. Slide your item(s) into the box, then on the open end of the second box, fold the small flaps in, fold one large flap on top of the other and tape. Secure the middle portion where the second box telescopes into the first box with tape.

For a visual representation on packing mirrors and other artwork watch the video below.

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