What to do before U-Haul Moving Help arrives

A lot of time and planning goes into any move. There are many tips and guides regarding moving trucks and trailers, but what about Moving Help? U-Haul offers Moving Helpers to make moving easier on your back and your schedule. Movers are there to make your life easier, so make sure to read up and have a few things ready before they arrive. This will ensure the best possible use of everyone’s time.

Items to have and things to complete prior to Moving Help arrival

  1. Reserve a moving truck or trailer for your move and have it on your property
    • Booking your moving equipment before the helpers arrive will save time and confusion on the day of your move.
  2. Make sure your moving truck or trailer is parked in a proper location
    • Ask your apartment management or homeowners association if necessary
    • Park the vehicle as close as possible
    • Be sure it is not blocked by other cars
    • Allow enough room to put the ramp down and be easily accessible by dollies
  3. Pack all of your boxes before the help arrives.
  4. Have moving pads, and other appropriate moving materials accessible
  5. Have your payment code or form of payment readily available.
  6. Clear a path so that you and the Moving Helpers can avoid injuries and move around easily.
  7. Be sure to have all heavy appliances empty and unplugged.
  8. Have the contact info for the Moving Helpers handy for good communication.

  9. Now, each move is unique so come up with your own checklist, and use this post as a basic reference. By ensuring everything is accessible and ready to go, your movers will be more efficient at making your move as quick and easy as possible. Make your trip easier and book U-Haul Moving Help today!

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