Winners: Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest

Costume Contest Winners!Thank you to everyone who sent in their wonderful and creative costumes to the Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest! It was a very difficult process to choose the winners which were judged based upon skill, craftsmanship, creativity and use of U-Haul moving supplies in the creation of a Halloween costume. You can see all of our costume contest entries on the U-Haul Pinterest board here. And now for the winners…

Gavin Transformer Costumer
Congratulations to Gavin and Sam!


Gavin and his Transformer outfit are the winners in our children category!

“This was a joint project between my four year old and I. He crawls around all day transforming between a tank and a boy, so I decided to design him a costume. The shape only took about 45 minutes of imagination, but the color and emblems involved many, many layers of paint, masking tape, clear tape, and several sharpie markers! We just moved in about 2 months ago, and I needed a use for some of the boxes.”

Now that is a great parent! You will have to find a Transformers book to read with Gavin on your brand new Kindle!


Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Costume
Congratulations to Tammi and Steve!

Congratulations to our winner Tammi for her excellent entry to our costume contest: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots! I will let her explain the creation of these intricate costumes in her own words:

“The costumes are constructed out of heavy cardboard (approximately 30 feet each robot), pieced together with packing tape (12 rolls) and reinforced with hot glue.  Each robot stands an impressive 7 ½ feet tall and weighs 35 pounds.

After practice with walking, dancing and some choreographed boxing moves, we’re ready to Trick-or-Treat and enjoy all of the parties possible……”

Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your brand new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

Penny Costume Contest
Congratulations to Penny and Yuki


In this category the winner is Penny, a 4 year old (28 in dog years) furry friend! She is modeling this very fine Pennysaurus outfit created from U-Haul Letter Totes and duct tape. Thank you to Penny and her loving mother Yuki for sending in this simple yet creative costume.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

What did you dress as for Halloween? Have you ever made your own Halloween Costume? Tell us now in the comments!

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