The 6 Best Apps for Biking Close to Home

The Best Apps for Biking Close to HomeSpring is in the air! With the changing of seasons comes warmer weather, and more hours to soak up the sun. Now is a  great time to pull your bike out of storage. (Hopefully it’s organized!) Whether you’re an expert in the bike lane, or you just took off the training wheels, biking is an easy, inexpensive and efficient way to get from A to B. It’s also a great way to keep in shape! In this post, I share my favorite mobile apps for your biking adventures. These apps are perfect for a short trip around the corner for milk, a ride through the local park, or that long haul across town. (If you plan on going on vacation and want to bring your bike along, look into renting a utility trailer — they can hold multiple bikes and work great!)

As always, please remember to cycle smart – always wear bright colors and a helmet, ride with traffic and obey local traffic laws. Also, be sure to have a good U-Lock and know how to use it.

Google Maps via Google Play

Google Maps
Compatibility: iOS  & Android
Cost: Free
One of the most user-friendly and efficient navigation apps is one you may already use everyday. It also does what it’s supposed to do and it does it quite well.
Why I like it…

  • Tied directly into Google’s directory listings. It’s one of the best point of interest libraries and it’s always updating.
  • Turn-by-turn directions will chime in on the phone. Think Bluetooth headphones, Pandora, and a personalized voice in your ear telling you when to turn left.
  • Public transit and driving options built in. The Last Mile is a term given to the problem of getting between a public transit station and your origin/destination. Biking can solve that problem – and Google Maps allows for one streamlined set of directions.
Cue Sheet via Google Play

Cue Sheet
Compatibility: Android
Cost: Free
For rides that are a bit more intricate or a trip that is a loop, Cue Sheet can handle the job. Cue Sheet displays routes that you have previously built on the also free, providing turn-by-turn directions with a mapping functionality. Cue Sheet will then build a library of all of your routes and any public routes for you to access.
Why I like it…

  • Allows for customized routes designed from a desktop computer, as well as any public routes available to you.
  • Tracks trips with times and mileage to compare against other attempts.
  • Displays current estimated speed, along with current location along the route.
Strava Cycling via iTunes

Strava Cycling

Compatibility: iOS & Android
Cost: Free
For the rider looking for more stats about their ride, Strava is an app that tracks records all of your rides. It’s a social app – so not only can you analyze performance, check past times and keep track of your personal achievements, you can also compare them to the data of your friends.
Why I like it…

  • Ride data is automatically sent to Strava’s website, so you can check it from your PC.
  • It’s based in the cloud. You can log in from any phone running Strava, or even from a Garmin Device and have access to tracking for your account.
  • Challenges. Because the app is social, there are crowd-sourced challenges for you to measure your progress.
  • Routes that others take are publicly available so that you can explore new places around you.
Endomondo Sports Tracker via Google Play

Endomondo Sports Tracker
Compatibility: iOS & Android
Cost: Free ($4.99 Pro Version)
Endomondo combines features that can be used for biking, running or walking. For the activity on two wheels, the app will track the duration of your ride, the distance, your speed and even estimate the amount of calories burned. It has a clean interface that ties in your friends’ accomplishments on a Facebook-like newsfeed.
Why I like it…

  • The program speaks to you – feedback is given every mile.
  • Provides details like calories burned, how much water you’ve lost, average speed and pace as well as a summary map.
  • Seamlessly connects to your Social Media sites if you like sharing your accomplishments with friends.
  • A customizable home screen that allows you to pick the information and data you find most important for a one stop shop.
Bike Doctor 2.0 via iTunes

Bike Doctor
Compatibility: iOS & Android
Cost: $2.87 (Android) $4.99 (iOS)
Bike Doctor for Android, and Bike Doctor 2.0 for iOS is a mechanic with years of experience in your pocket. It’s an easy-to-use app that will help you diagnose your problem and offer solutions. It’s written in plain English, contains an abundance of images and will empower you to keep your bike in tip-top shape.
Why I like it…

  • It’s simple and easy. Pick your problem and get a solution – no need to be an expert. Pictures are included with every step for reference.
  • Includes over 40 of the most common repairs.
  • Will help you save money via DIY repair.
  • Allows you to select problems from a list or by selecting the location on a picture of a bike.
Bike Repair via Google Play

Bike Repair
Compatibility: iOS & Android
Cost: $3.99
Bike Repair is a all-in-one paid solution to your bicycle troubles. At just under four dollars, it is a small price to pay to have a bike genius at your fingertips. The Bike Repair App also has a section for preventative maintenance. From lubrication to replacing a chain.
Why I like it…

  • Detailed instructions to over 79 problems allow even a first-timer to complete a repair.
  • Over 270 photos to go along with step-by-step instructions.
  • “Guides” that allow you to read and understand a category of the bike. For example, ‘pedals’ will explain everything from how they attach to the hardware needed.

Are there any biking apps that you use with great success? Was it one of these, or any that I missed? Let us know in comments below.