Hiring Moving Help Providers: Remember These Quick Tips

Moving day is approaching and, as you pack, you’re realizing that you have more stuff than you thought. All of a sudden, your tiny one-bedroom apartment kitchen looks like it has enough food and equipment to cook for a busy restaurant. This scenario is all too common when it comes to moving and people tend to get overwhelmed, which then leads to becoming stressed out and irritated. These days, with the countless demands that are placed on us by our jobs, families and everyday lives, it seems more and more difficult to rely on friends to help with your move— and that’s why you may decide to hire professional Moving Help Providers. To help keep things kosher on moving day,  keep the following quick tips in mind.

I can has helperz?
I can has helperz?
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  • Communicate! Communication isn’t only necessary in relationships and work, but with your moving helpers as well. Make sure both you and the Moving Help Providers have multiple channels of communication. Try to exchange at least two phone numbers on both ends for calling or text messages, and using your e-mail as well.
  • Make sure to have all of the appropriate moving materials and equipment. As you’re doing a do-it-yourself move, make sure you have boxes, tape, markers, pads, and anything else you may need to properly move your specialty furniture and appliances.
  • Be flexible in case something doesn’t go as planned. If it’s moving day, then Murphy’s Law could make an appearance. Keep in mind that weather, traffic, and other emergencies could impact how your move goes; try to go with the flow. Remember that something may also happen on the end of your Moving Help Providers, and a slight change in schedule may be needed. This is why planning and communication is very important to creating a stress-free move.
  • Finally, if you hire helpers for your move, do not forget that it is part of the service industry. You paid for the service, but it is a nice gesture to tip the movers for their hard work and helping you out in the moving process.

Do you have any more tips for making your moving day a smooth one? If so, please leave a comment below!