Business Storage Options

Business storage options can vary based on the type of industry you’re in. Whether you’re in small or big business, pharmaceutical or public relations industries, there is the right business storage program for you.

Opting for storage for your business offers the following benefits to you:

  • Renting business storage will allow you to bring down the overhead cost your company is spending on other storage options like leasing office space.
  • With shorter lease agreements on business storage, your company will have more freedom.
  • With the new freedom in selecting business storage, you’ll have the flexibility to move your stored items with new promotional and seasonal offerings, or employee relocation.

Determine your company's business storage needs.

Consider these options when looking for storage options for your business:

Are your business storage needs regional or national? Are there ample storage locations in your area? Does the business storage program offer 24 or extended hour access on the units you will be renting?

Centralized Billing
Do your business storage needs require multiple storage units? If multiple units are required, does the business storage program your considering offer centralized or individual billing?

Account Management/Online Account Access
Does the business storage program you’re looking into provide a team or a designated representative to assist with storage management? Alternatively, does the program provide online account management for you or your employees to access?

Tailored Storage Needs
Are the goods your company storing going to be secure in the facility offered to you in your business storage program? Are alarmed units or a motoring system available? Will your company’s storage unit need to receive deliveries when you are not present at the unit? Is this offered in your program? Do any items that you will be storing need to be climate controlled or heated with the changing seasons?

It is imperative that you take the time to determine your company’s storage needs. Once you have a better grasp on what you need, be sure that the program you are seeking out offers a comprehensive business storage program to meet all of your needs.

Do you have any recommendations on what to look for when considering business storage? Share your ideas with us in the section below.