Five Tips to Get Rid of Clutter When Downsizing

There are many reasons for downsizing. Some people are moving to a smaller space to save money, others are moving into a smaller space after their children have left home, but whatever the reason the one thing that stays the same is downsizing means a smaller space. And that smaller space means you’ll likely need to get rid of things before moving. It’s no easy task deciding what to keep, but with patience, organization and these five tips you can make getting rid of clutter while downsizing easier.

Make a Model of Your New Place
The first step is to figure out how much space you have in your new place. If possible take pictures of all the rooms and measurements. If you don’t have access to new space request a floor plan from the realtor. Use, your pictures, measurements and floor plan to make a model of your new space, which you can use to figure out how much stuff you, can take. Five Tips to Get Tid of Clutter When Downsizing

Start with Large Items
When deciding what to take with you start with the large items first. Do you need that extra dresser or bed? Where will it fit in your place? Having that model of your new place and then measuring larger items will help determine what things just aren’t feasible to bring with you.

Have a Home for Stuff
Every item you bring to your new place needs to have a home. Go back to that model of your new place and start to figure out what kitchen cabinets will be used for which kitchen items. Go room by room and make sure each item you are going to bring has a home. If it doesn’t have a home you’ll need to rethink whether it can come.

Create a Sorting System
Develop a sorting system that you can use now and continue to use after you move. The system should have three designated categories: keep, give away or sell, discard. After you move continue to sort new items you acquire and decide on a time frame (3 months, 6 months, etc.) for getting rid of items that are not being used.

Organize while Unpacking
When moving day comes try to organize while you unpack. You have that model of your new place and you already decided on a home for the things you are moving so stick with those plans. Don’t unpack half a box and then start of something else or just stick things in the kitchen pantry thinking you’ll get to them later. Organizing as you unpack may seem like more time upfront but it will be worth it in the end.

Have you recently downsized? Share your tips.

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