3 Tips to Staying Warm at a Tailgate

To most people, standing outside in sub zero degree weather is not an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When it comes to football fans, however, there is no feat too large to discourage them from braving the cold. Yes, the winter season is upon us and those diehard fans that plan on tailgating should follow these three tips on staying warm at a tailgate.

Bundled up at football game

Layers, Layers, Layers

From head to toe, layering is an art form. It takes some creativity to make it fully effective. Start with thinner flannel type clothing and work your way to the bulkier items. I like to start with tank tops and t-shirts, add flannel long sleeves, throw a sweater on top, and finish it off with a large coat or jacket. Remember to dress for the weather, not for fashion! You will look large and puffy but at least you will be warm! Besides, there are still plenty of ways to dress up your outfit with anything form your team’s logo on beanies and jackets to fury boots, scarves, and more.

Keep it Movin’

Layers in snowTailgating should be a day full of fun and excitement while getting ready for the big game. Bring things with you that will allow you to move around so you stay warm. I suggest a few footballs to throw around while trying to impersonate your favorite quarterback. Crank up the music and dance around – it’ll warm you right up! Styrofoam. No, that’s not a typo. When you do have to stand in place by the fire or sit on the cold bleachers during the game,  make sure you have some styrofoam with you to sit or stand on. It creates a barrier between you and the cold.


StoreHandler.ashxWhen it comes down to it, the best way to warm yourself up is with heat. Fire pits are great but can get messy with ashes and can leave you smelling like a camp fire. There are also portable heaters that free you from the fuss and danger of and open flame. These little heaters are easy to carry around and are great for outdoor use. Powered by propane, you can conveniently refill at any propane refill station. Mr. Heater’s Portable Buddy Heater features a low oxygen safety shutoff system. It also works for emergency indoor and outdoor use. These portable heaters are guaranteed to keep you warm until the game starts!

Do you have your own tips for staying warm during the winter season? Let us know below!