Top 5 Versatile Moving Supplies

Top 5 Most Versatile Moving SuppliesMoving supplies can be used for more than the sole purpose of getting your stuff from your old place to your new home. Reuse and reduce by getting creative with these supplies! Here are the top 5 most versatile moving supplies and different uses for them:


Boxes are one of the most versatile moving supplies out there! They come in different shapes and sizes to fulfill all your moving day needs. You can use a wardrobe box to easily transport your clothes from one closet to another without a single wrinkle. Mirror boxes ensure the safety of your mirrors or picture frames during your move. Once you are done using your boxes for your moving day needs you can reuse them for anything from building a maze for your dogs to making your next Halloween costume.

TapeTop 5 Most Versatile Moving Supplies

Tape is an essential for moving day. By overlapping layers of tape, you will keep the goodies inside your boxes secure and prevent spillage during your move. Packaging paper tape is good for easy tear and you can also use a marker on this kind of tape to label the boxes as you go.  If you want to get a little more fancy, invest in some Smart Move Tape; they come in different colors and pre-labeled with the different rooms in your new home so that way you can just stick it on your box and load it up on the moving truck in an organized fashion.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is what you need to keep anything safe, from your china set to your vinyl records. When moving into your new home and you notice that your home has poor insulation using bubble wrap is an easy temporary “green” fix.  If you are giving someone a gift that needs to be handled with care use bubble wrap instead of that flimsy gift tissue paper. But bubble wrap is even more fun when you reuse it for DIY crafts! You can use it to create games, costumes, and holiday crafts.


Rope holds everything together, literally. You can use it to tie-down and secure your furniture and boxes on moving day in the back of your pick-up truck or in a moving truck. If you like to go river tubing, you can use tie-down rope to hold your tubes together as you float downstream. Rope can also come in handy when going camping as an emergency survival tool or to help put up your tent.

Plastic Wrap

Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap is perfect for holding items together or protecting them from nicks and scuffs. When moving your expensive golf gear use the plastic wrap to protect the heads of the clubs from getting scratched. Another moving tip is to use the plastic wrap to cover your couch’s pillows before loading them on the moving truck. After Christmas is over you can use the wrap to carefully store your Christmas tree till the next holiday season. You can even use this stretch plastic wrap to prank your co-worker!  Your DIY move can be as good as the professional movers!

Do you have a moving supply favorite that you use for multiple purposes? Let us know in the comments below!