5 Reasons Collegeboxes is Worth Your Money

untitled-design-6Think how many times you might move during your college career. You move to college, back home, or for a study abroad move. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do.  We understand moving can be tough, especially if you’re doing everything on your own. Apply the tips you learn in this post and consider shipping, transportation, and storage taken done.   With Collegeboxes, you can pack your items to be transported or stored, and have them picked up from your school or destination. From there, you can decide to have your belongings shipped or stored for you.  Listed below are a few reasons Collegeboxes ensures a stress-free move in any situation:

1. Prepared Supply Kit

sdgDo you know how many boxes you will need? Or what sizes? If not, don’t worry! The Supply kit contains everything you could possibly need to make your college move. The kit includes:

    • 5 double-walled boxes (24″x16″x18″)
    • Roll of tape
    • Marker
    • 10 label pouches
  • Free shipping to you

2. Study Abroad Storage

srhCollegeboxes accommodates any length of storage for study abroad students.  Your online account allows you to manage pickups, deliveries, storage, and live tracking information. For your convenience, contact Collegeboxes by phone, chat, and email. There is even 24/7 customer service just in case you need to contact us after hours!

3. Summer Storage

If you’sunre looking for a different approach other than shipping your items home, why not have them stored near your school? Collegeboxes can pick up your belongings from school and store them for the summer! This way, you can relax over summer knowing your things are safe and near school for an easy move when you return.

4. Shipping to Your School

truckWhat’s better than having someone else pick up and deliver your things? Especially when it’s FREE! With Collegeboxes, shipping is free on your pre-scheduled dates. Schedule to have your boxes and luggage shipped from home before arriving back to school to ensure an easy move back! Collegeboxes will receive and temporarily store your things to be delivered to your school upon your arrival.

5. International Shipping

plIf you’re planning on traveling or studying far from home, have Collegeboxes handle shipping your belongings to you. After creating an account, your supply kit
will be shipped to your given destination! On your selected pickup date, FedEx Express will pick up your items and they will then be shipped across the globe! Easy as that.

How do you feel Collegeboxes was worth your money? Tell us in the comments below!