The Story of Moving Help Marketplace®

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Ah, moving day. It’s time to close one door while opening another, beginning a new chapter in your life. But before you can turn the page, there’s work to be done. That’s where Moving Help® Marketplace comes in.

How Did Moving Help® Marketplace Start?

In 2002, Moving Help® Marketplace was created out of a need to provide individuals, families, and businesses with reliable moving labor at an affordable cost. As a result, the online marketplace enables customers to shop and compare Moving Help® Providers that will perform a variety of labor services including loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and cleaning.

Since its inception, Moving Help® Marketplace has blossomed into an international resource. There are over 4,300 active Moving Help® Providers across the U.S. and Canada today and counting! How active are they? In October of 2017, the 3 millionth job was performed by a Moving Help® Provider!

Moving Help® Marketplace Makes Moving Simple

With Moving Help® Marketplace, you are in complete control of your move.

  1. Search – compare moving labor prices and read unedited customer reviews, then choose your Moving Help® Provider.
  2. Connect – receive contact information immediately on your Moving Help® Provider and call them directly to discuss the logistics of your move.
  3. Move – on the day of the move, your Moving Help® Providers show up and get to work. You? Just sit back and relax!

Payment will not be authorized until the move is completed and you have given the payment code to the Moving Help® Provider. Watch to learn more about how it works:

The Moving Help® Difference

In the past, customers had only two options when it came to finding moving services: (1) Hire a full service moving company and pay hefty prices or (2) do-it-yourself by renting a truck and spending all of your time asking your friends and family to help move. With Moving Help® Marketplace, you get the best of both worlds. You rent the truck, they’ll do the heavy lifting. But it’s more than just muscle that Moving Help® Marketplace provides, it’s convenience too. You can:

  • Read from over 1 million customer reviews – select the best Moving Help® Provider based on what others are saying. Write your own review after the move and receive cash back!
  • Stay in control – your local Moving Help® Providers are paid when you are satisfied with the moving services and you authorize their payment.
  • Save time and money – cut your relocating time in half while saving up to 75% over traditional moving companies.

Check it Out for Yourself!

If you’re moving soon, Moving Help® Providers can take the physical stress of moving day out of your hands. Even if you’re not moving, there are plenty of everyday uses for Moving Help® Providers. Find Moving Help® Providers in your area and schedule today – you never know, they just might save the day!

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