Three Ways to Use a Storage Truck

Sometimes a trip across town to collect items from a storage unit can be too time-consuming, especially when your storage unit items need to be on-site. A storage truck is increasingly helpful in these situations. It has multiple applications, from retail to renovation. Here are three circumstances when a storage truck can be a convenient tool for you:

1. Home RenovationsThree Ways To Use A Storage Truck

Building a new home, or even sprucing up an old one, can be stressful. Being separated from all of your things can make the process even more challenging. When leasing a storage truck, you can keep all your things on-site. No need to coordinate a truck to take your belongings to and from a storage unit; all of your items can sit in your driveway until you are able to move them into your newly renovated home. For at least two weeks to a year, a storage truck is an affordable and convenient option for many homeowners who need a place to keep:

• Construction equipment
• Flooring
• Extra building material
• Furniture

2. Business InventoryThree Ways To Use A Storage Truck

During the holiday season, most retail businesses will be purchasing excess inventory to make sure their customers get everything on their list. That’s why a storage truck should be on every business’ own wish list. It can be placed in a parking lot or back alley near a store’s location for quick and easy access to the extra inventory. It will also provide more space “in the back.”

3. In-Town Moves with Delays In-between Homes

If you have ever purchased a home or moved into an apartment, you know sometimes the moving process doesn’t work as fast as you need to move into or out of your new home. When you’re moving just a few miles away, it can be inconvenient to pack up a truck, only to unpack it into a storage unit and reload it all into another truck a few days, weeks, or even months later. By renting a storage truck, you can keep all your belongings in one place. This will cut down on time spent transporting items. And unlike a stationary storage unit, you can drive a storage truck to your new home.

As you can see, there are many ways a storage truck can be useful. When you want your belongings close by and easily accessible, a storage unit on wheels can come in handy. You can even have a storage truck imaged with your business logo and information to promote your brand to more customers.

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