4 Businesses That Need a Business Account

A lot of decision making comes with running a business. You have to think about transportation, where to store inventory/equipment, and how the billing process will work. The decisions are never easy, but they can be with a U-Haul business account. A variety of different companies can benefit from a business account but here are four business types that can profit the most.

business account


If you’re the owner of a catering business, then you know there is a lot of equipment that needs to be brought to your event. But how will you get there? Here’s a list of catering equipment that our vehicles can help transport:


  • Chafing dishes
  • Bus bins
  • Serving baskets
  • Utensils: spoons, forks, knives, spatulas
  • Water pitchers
  • Table settings: plates, glasses, centerpieces, table cloths
  • Food

Our truck fleet options will be able to carry everything you need to cater to your next event. So no matter how much equipment you’ll be bringing, our cargo vans, trucks, and pickup trucks can haul it all.

Equipment Storage

Catering companies hit their peak times during the holidays and summers (due to wedding season). But where should your catering business store equipment during the off-season? If you need somewhere to store excess equipment because of a lack of space, then U-Haul storage is the way to go. Our business account will give you access to all our different unit sizes that are available. You’ll be able to store everything from your largest items, such as tables, to your smallest items, such as chafing dishes. You’ll also be able to reserve a unit at your convenience through our online account access feature.



Being in a band can require a lot of traveling while you’re heading to that next gig. You’ll want to find a vehicle that is big enough to transport your instruments and equipment. Our truck sizes range from 10’ to 26’. Here is a list of some equipment you may be hauling:

  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Guitars
  • Amps
  • Pedalboards
  • Drum set
  • Cymbals
  • Personal belongings

Instrument Storage

Where will you be storing your instruments when you’re not playing? Our business account gives you nationwide access to storage so no matter what state or province you’re in, you’ll be able to safely store your band equipment. We know that your equipment is both costly and essential to your livelihood. In other words, we secure our units with alarms, audio/video monitoring, perimeter fencing, and intercom systems so your items are always protected.

One Bill

You might need multiple storage units in different states or provinces. Our standardized billing option will allow you to rent multiple storage units while only receiving one bill at one location of your choice.

business account



Delivering loads of flowers aren’t easy if you don’t have a vehicle. Our cargo vans are perfect for those in-town drop-offs. You’ll also have access to our moving supplies, which means you can utilize our boxes for safe transport.

Multiple Drivers

You may have multiple drivers helping you deliver flowers, especially during wedding season. Our business account will allow you to add those multiple drivers as authorized users of your account. Most importantly, this will allow any of your authorized employees the ability to reserve truck fleet equipment when needing to make deliveries. All of these reservations will be billed under one account, for quick transactions.


What better way to get your business name out there than at a local farmers market? Our truck fleet options can help haul all of your products. Items you may be transporting include:

  • Tables
  • Canopy Tent
  • Flowers
  • Chairs
  • Cash register
  • Signs
  • Centerpieces


PDMA Compliant Storage

When it comes to storing prescription drugs, there are certain regulations that need to be met. Specifically, there are certain temperatures that need to be maintained. A U-Haul business account will give you access to climate-controlled storage units to ensure the drugs will be free of contamination, deterioration, and adulteration. We can also assure that your samples will be protected against theft, diversion, and counterfeiting, as our storage facilities have alarmed room, electronic gates, and audio/video monitoring for security purposes. For more tips on storing your prescription drug samples, click here.

Multiple Pharmacy Representatives

With a U-Haul business account, you will have the ability to add as many Pharmacy Reps to your account as authorized users. This will allow the convenience of obtaining account information and making reservations faster when there are multiple users on the account. While all authorized users will be able to make purchases, they will not have to be present when accepting Pharmaceutical packages at the storage unit. Packages can automatically be placed in the storage unit, with our package delivery acceptance feature.

If you own one of these businesses, then opening a business account will help your company thrive immensely. Start the process by applying for a business account today.