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Devin K.

I called 2 hours in advance to see if they had a 10' available. I was told they would have one there. When I arrived it wasn't there and I had to wait for well over an hour to get the truck. They tried to give me a 15' and I argued with me. They were very unorganized and very unfriendly.

carol O.

There was noone even at this location. Your suppose to just drop it off and leave. Then I called them and it took them over two hours to check my trailer in. If I hadn't called would they even know who that trailer belonged to? What keeps anyone from stealing these trailers? Noone monitors this location and all trailers sit next to the street

Bruce G.

the mexico mo location was just a drop off lot. No intetaction.

Sophia F.

I love using your company but this service was absolutely unacceptable. Moving day is already stressful and added an unnecessary additional stress in the day. I am looking forward to hearing about how your customer service team will be handling this.

Ken P.

They will go above and beyond to make sure that you have a smile on your face.


I drop the truck off. No one on the site!

Michael M.

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