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Michael L. on


Easy & fast

Annette R. on


I never found the key drop box. I hunted around in a dark parking lot for 15 minutes, called and left a message with the location, spent more time hunting and trying to call the main uhaul customer service number, and finally gave up and had to lock the keys into the van. I think the place was just redone so maybe they haven’t put the box up yet?? was clean, safe, easy, had gas stations nearby, etc.

Kimberly S. on


The van I rented smelled quite strongly of dog as if it had been used as a kennel for a week. Dog hair all over, jammed into the door jams, on the seats. It was quite smelly. It was clear the van was not cleaned before I got it. However, Alice was the best customer service person.

Jose Divino A. on


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