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Brad W.

I spent time pre registering and paying and uploading license But when I picked up, I spent o er 30 minutes giving all the info again. The truck on inside had sticky stuff in handle, steering wheel and seats. Ed of truck dirty. I have pictures. It was well after 230 when I picked up, I was earlier than I thought. Told no issue. Was told I could deliver truck wherever at drop off but received a call at 230 that I was suppose to have delivered truck to them at 2 pm. That was news to me. Due to bad weather and traffic I delivered at 530 pm. The guy was nice and understanding. I did get an additional charge to my card but do not know why? Was it late fee?? If not for the drop off guy being so nice. This rentAl experience was AWEFUL. Don't see myself using uhaul again.

Lisa E.

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