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Testimonials from recent customers of Colorado Tire Inc

Overall rating:

Highly recommend this business. Did not go for a tire change, though did go for a U-Haul rental pick-up. Staff was extremely helpful and even helped me hook it up and made sure it was safely done before I Departed. As above mentioned, highly recommend.

Jason S.

brand new location i was second customer. I was in a huge hurry and the employees worked hard to get me going. Being a new facility they did not have much experience. The big issue is I called a certain dealer and the person doing the reservation did not tell me she pushed to another store. I did not realize this until i read my paper work at the wrong store. This location was so new they did not have the correct plug for use or sale. I had to go to the store I wanted to buy the plug need for the trailer I rented for Uhaul. It was total horse ****!!! Uhaul you ****** me again!

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