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keeley J. on


I was not only charge 14.99 for insurance I was NEVER told about now my dam can d has been charged twice!!! Not a hold a charge!!!! I will never ever do business with UHaul ever . Thanks for messing up my money

Theresa D. on


Horrible location, only one person knew how to work the system and he was out getting food, truck was dirty inside like someone spilled something

derrell C. on


If you care anything about your franchise name this place needs to be removed immediately. My girlfriend and I walked in to drug parephnelia on the floor and people behind the counter in flip flops and dirty t shirts. Their customer service skills are not there. They didn't even know how to hook the trailer up. It took three people to do it and still didn't hook all of the safety chains. I did it my self. Please go visit their place of business and make some changes.

Brian S. on


When we went to pick up the equipment it was in a poorly accessible location preventing us from backing in to retrieve. The parking lot was also crowded and we had to park across the street. The clerk serving us was unable to get any shop employee to help move the equipment blocking in the dolly so after 5 minutes of yelling my son and I helped move racks of tires and a 6 x12 trailer. Then the clerk couldn’t find the keys to the gate adjacent to where the dolly. After we finally got the equipment out I noted it’s condition to the clerk who didn’t record the deficiencies. We then positioned the dolly without the help of the clerk. Finally the clerk had a hard time printing a receipt. Then when we went to return the dolly, the clerk had somehow change it from a one way to a return dolly. Simply unprofessional. Pastor Dr. Brian K. Schaeffer

Christopher M. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Carol D. on


Fred was very efficient and businesslike and friendly.

Steven C. on


Blankets full of roaches in bags cost 300.00 to clean furniture upon returning empting truck. Bugs were in bags full of blankets and roaches sorry for business and cannot get u-haul to return my calls un proffessional to me. 901-268-3869 2hours latedon departure because they locked truck and keys inside. what ajoke