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Anamari A. on


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Jill K. on


The location didn’t even know uhaul services were provided and blew me off. I had to ask a manager for help. The actual kiosk dish network was closed. There is no one to offer assistance. It’s just a lock box by the front entrance of a supermarket. I was contacting by someone who does not speak English and gave me a code to the lock which took 10 minutes to open. Horrible experience and truck was dirty someone left food and snack wrappers in the truck.

Robert C. on


I had a difficult time picking up the The rental unit from this location. The staff did not seem to recognize the online verification and contracting process, and would not hand in the keys in spite of me showing them the screen that said show them this. This process took nearly 30 minutes to convince them to give me the truck. Returning was a hassle as well