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Diana R.

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Marisa P.

The store was old and dingy. The gentleman running the shop was slow and had no customer service skills. I waited for about 10-15 mins for him to finish up with the lady infront of me. He then was frustrated with the system and at one point had me read some pages that prompted him to advise me. He went out checked the van handed me the keys and proceed to have issues. Once whe finally printed out the paper work I see that he charged me for the insurance that i never requested. Upon checking out the vehicle myself I noted that the driver door looks to have been hit becuse it was not shutting properly and would pop slightly ajar when you drove it. The cab was dusty and the drivers windshield looked like someone sneezed and was never wiped down after use. Upon returning the same gentleman looked puzzled and thought I was supposed to return the vehicle the following day. It was a long wait to return the vehicle because once again he was frustrated with the system. I will never rent from this Uhaul again.

Jill K.

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David R.

Easy rental . Van was clean and drove well. Just what I needed.

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