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9400 S Broadway   Saint Louis, MO 63125

(314) 226-1379

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(314) 226-1379

9400 S Broadway
Saint Louis, MO 63125

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

Always Open On Your Smartphone

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The quoted price did not reflect actual charges. I felt scammed. Quoted $20 then when I spent 35 minutes on the phone trying to ask someone why the charges were $97 the explanation still didnt make me happy. I'll use home depot next time. Plus key wasnt where it was suppose to be, took an hour to pick up the truck

Jim J. 

The phone signal was very weak at that location. Not sure that can be fixed. It was more than convenient for my retrieval.

Elaine B. 

The automated process was a nightmare. It beat me up and stressed me for an hour. It was only after DJ interviewed it was strained out. The return process was almost as bad. This is the second bad experience with uhaul.

David Z. 

Customer did not leave a comment.

Mark B. 

THIS LOCATION HAS NO DROP BOX FOR DROP OFF AND WAS TOLD IT WAS A 24/7 LOCATION!! I had to contact the 800 number for UHAUL which resulted in a very already disappointing rental experience! I had to end up taking the keys to this location during business hours the next day. Very inconvenient!


I had to put the dollies away from the customer before me. I didn't use them, and I never have, but I have always seen them locked up. I put them up anyway before returning the truck . I'm only commenting on this because the truck obviously wasn't checked and the tools weren't locked up.. and I could have wrongly gotten in trouble for someone else. I mean, what if the customer before me would have stolen the dollies? I would never have known, but it could of been my responsibility. I don't want the In and Out owners to get in trouble for this. I'm looking out for them and trying to prevent someone from taking advantage. They are great people!

Dawn G. 
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