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3349 Simpson Hwy 149   Mendenhall, MS 39114

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(601) 675-4170

3349 Simpson Hwy 149
Mendenhall, MS 39114

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 11 am - 7 pm
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First time using website to rent equipment. Took a long time to enter information. Once getting trailer connected running lights didn't work. They weren't equipped to help diagnose the problem. I went to uhaul store in West Pearl and they were super not helpful. They told me they couldn't help me and told me to go to parts store down the road. They would even check to see if the issue was my plug or the trailer. I went to the Uhaul in East Pearl on Hwy 80 where they were able to check system. The issue was on the truck side. They were able to tell me where to check for the problem that turned out to be a blown fuse for running lights. They even supplied the fuse to get me going. Very helpful branch that understands customer service. The other two branch's I would no recommend. The original reservation was made 2 days prior with the store in East Pearl. I received a call on the day of the reservation that they didn't have that equipment and I would have to drive to Mendenhall to pick up. I didn't understand why the only available 6x12 trailer was 45 miles away. I also still don't understand why this information wasn't known until the day of the rental.

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