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Testimonials from recent customers of Jovi Multiservices

Overall rating:

cody P. on


First off, the pick up location was very suspect, not welcoming and no one really spoke english, there were random people in the lobby hanging out I didnt know who worked there or not. Secondly when i dropped off, no one was there who actually worked for the store, just the random people hanging out in the lobby (not customers, they appeared to be friends of the owner) after a long wait one of the random men mumbled to me to leave the keys and paperwork and the owner would get it when he got back. two hours later i was sent a receipt for incorrect mileage(he changed the start mileage from the original mileage noted at pick up) and fuel for the truck after i just put gas in before i dropped it off and left my receipt at the drop off with the rest of my paperwork, unacceptable

Christopher L. on


Lets start with trying to drop this off at 7pm at night, then being told that my 20ft Uhaul can’t be accepted at this location because it’s too long. I was turned away and told to go to another Uhaul to turn in the truck, even though my contract was for this location and was never mentioned that this location didn’t accept 20 footers. Then Franco, at this location, told me to go north on S Military trail to drop off the vehicle, but could not tell me the exact address to drop the truck off at. I drove around trying to find the location and then brought the truck back to 2200 Lake Ida Rd. I parked the truck and brought the keys in and was still told the truck would not be accepted. Franco informed me about the drop boxes at the other Uhaul locations, so I took my key and put it in the drop box at this location. Franco was completely unprofessional and rude.

Camilo B. on


Absolutely terrible. I showed up on time and it took the clerk 1 hour to open the lockbox so. Oils get the truck. In fact, at one point I left because I couldn’t wait any longer and as I drove away the gentleman called me to tell me to come back because he finally halt it to open. Also, he asked about insurance and I declined but he still charged me for it. I had to again tell him I didn’t need it as my CC covers me for up to 250k. Overall the word experience at uhaul EVER!!!!