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steph C. on


Total disaster from get go. Will never use u haul after this incident. And I use u haul often as I flip houses, no one there no where to park it safely. Absolutely disaster

florence A. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Freddy W. on


Did not complete paper work at drop off location creating chaos and mass confusion in thinking I still had possession of tow dolly. My phone rang for 2 straight days. Recommend training on receiving equipment at drop off to prevent situations like this.

Casey B. on


This whole situation was poorly handled. I got a much bigger truck than I had reserved initially and I had to wait almost an hour for anyone to show up to the pickup location so I could pick up my truck. The U-Haul customer service people I spoke to were nice and helpful, but this rental experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I was supposed to be able to use the app to check the truck back in and I couldn't ever get that to work so I have no idea if anyone was notified about it being back. This is why I didn't want to pick up a truck at this location, because it looked sketchy even on the U-Haul website. and their hours are not correct, the U-Haul rep I spoke to the day before to confirm everything said according to the hours your office has, that business should have been open. but they seemed surprised that they had a truck there and the guy handling it had to call his wife to walk him through the process because he didn't know how to do it.