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I was very unhappy with the punctuality of the jobber. I called a few minutes after 8 am after I was supposed to get the rental... And no one was there and was told that it could be a half hour or more wait... They arrived at around 820 during check out I payed the deposit in cash and they didnt have change. I mentioned the owner had change in 20s fir my 100 but no small change and they asked me to come back the next day.. I simply stated that it was a business and it was their responsibility to have the change. I i was threatened with them cancelling my reservation after me waiting for 45 mins. I finally rolled out about 50 after.. Making me late for the appointment that i had scheduled... They were friendly untill i pointed out the obvious... If I was to rent from this location again I would do everything electronically with as little contact as possible

Kenneth U.

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Paul S.

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