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Kristen S.

When I went to pick up the vehicle, I went in the store to pick up the key as instructed and was told that they did not have the key. This resulted in a call, a long hold hold and multiple transfers. Eventually, one of the U-Haul representatives got ahold of the store and they discovered that they did have the key. Upon return, the app instructed me to put the key in a drop box. There was no drop box. I called U-Haul, ended up transferred to the truck share where I was on hold for 20 minutes, then told to lock the key in the car after another 5-10 minutes. This was by far the most frustrating experience that I have ever had with U-Haul. I recently rented a trailer and that was quick and seamless. It was not all the fault of the Location, but hours of my time were wasted sitting in a parking lot on hold waiting for help. The truck share experience needs A LOT of help. Not only was my time wasted, hours of my rental were wasted and upon pick up, I missed one of my pick ups with the van which resulted in more miles on the truck that cost me money. I don't think that I would do this again.

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